Argos after Butler

Perry Lefko on reports Argos are going after Butler. No surprise.

Right now I think BC needs him more than anyone. Not sure how serious Dickenson and Pierce are hurt but they both went out of the game last night (BC @ Sask) with injury.

i got the 411 on the qb situation in hog town...from what i hear, they are actively pursuing jim kelly, formly of the buffalo heard it first here..byw i got this info from marty york

Is Crouch still playing for the Argos?

no i believe the argos released him

no i believe the argos released him
actually he is on their injured list

Butler seems to be a logical choice. Given the mediocre competition in the East this year, they don't have to trade for a top-flight QB. If they play just .500 while Bishop is out, that should be enough to get them into the playoffs. McMahon can do that with Damon as backup and the new guy as 3rd string. Too bad Crouch is out with a bad knee or he could do it.

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June 24:

"Toronto also added tackle Jeff Keeping to the weekly injured list while quarterback Eric Crouch and receiver Chad Rempel were placed on the nine-week injured list."

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That would be the nine game list. Crouch would be available for Week 10.

You're welcome. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

at the beginning of the second half they were both better

and buck peirce could have and wanted to go in to the game but they didnt wanna risk anything

watch butler come into a game and light-it-up....and further show marcels terrible judge of talent.

It was Taffee that chose to place Butler at 4th in the QB depth and then Butler himself that asked to be let go.

Your view of the reality is a bit off.. just pointing that out.

it shoulda been maas who was bumpped to 4th string then let go....just pointing that out.

I thought they were trying to lure Warren Moon out of retirement hammerjoe? Sorry, my bad...

Sorry you are off on that. It's Joe Zuger they are going after.

Rockey Butler had his opportunity to show the what he is capable of while at the Tigercat camp. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide the level of skill needed to secure a number one or number two role.

The argos on the other hand are seeking another quarterback because they did not have the brains to pull Bishop after the third quarter. It looks like the ego and arrogance caught up with Pinball Clemence. If you try and run up the score - teams do not forget and you are just temping fait or in Bishops case - injury. Too bad - so sad.

Now why would they think of pulling Bishop? This being the CFL, the game was not completely out of reach. Besides, Bishop needs game experience–it’s not like he’s a 10 year veteran. This was his first real start. And as for running up the score, this is pro ball. Some guys have performance clauses in their contracts, some guys need reps, some guys need to solidify their holds on their positions (like Bishop), etc. And most folks subscribe to the notion–‘You let up, you get hurt.’ Anyway, if they don’t like the score being ‘run up’ on them, it is within the rules to play better and stop them.

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Here we go again with the young kids thinking everyone should get a pat on the back when they are doing their jobs and be encouraged when they are not. Life isn't like that. Grow a friggin skin and do the job and quit your whinning about people taking advantage of you. The only people with no class in a lobsided game are the ones who are whinning. Whinning prevents winning