Argos Advertising Campaign

I think the Argonauts should go on the offensive. The Argonauts, as Toronto's oldest, most storied sporting institution should certainly not be crowded out by the other pro sports franchises. The Conservative government has shown that this country responds to attack ads, so, if the Argonauts are in danger, why not attack the competition directly? I think the Argonauts could win fans and be front page news by pointing out to Toronto fans that the Leafs are losers and chokers, basketball is boring, and baseball is like watching paint dry – in slow motion (with replays and inane commentary spewing out useless statistics).

TV Ad:
A bunch of people kneeling and worshipping the NFL symbol.
Voice: Why? Because it's American? Get off your knees. Be proud. Be proud of our team, our country and our game!
Argonauts football!

Radio spot:
Squeak, squeak, squeak, thud, squeak, squeak, thud, squeak.
Voice: This is the sound of a sport?
Grunting, hitting, and then the voice of an announcer -- “What a throw! What a catch! What a move! Touchdown! Touchdown Argonauts!?
Voice: Now that's the sound of a real sport.
Argonauts football.

TV ad:
Scenes of Leaf disappointments going back to 1968, focussing especially on last year's 4-1 lead over the Bruins in game 7 and the crushed faces of fans when it ended 5-4.
Voice: Tired of backing a loser? Of course you are. You're a winner and (Slow motion shots of rising Argos logo over the on-field celebrations of last year's 100th Grey Cup) you deserve a chamption.
Argonauts football.

TV ad:
Montage of the most boring baskets done by the Raptors.
Voice: You call this exciting? A sport in which scoring points is routine and takes next to no effort?
Sequence of gruelling Argo touchdown scenes.
Voice: Now this is exciting – every point bought at the cost of blood, sweat, and tears!
Argonauts football.

TV ad:
Sports executive: Another disappointing season! We have to shake things up!
Second executive: Why?
Sports executive: Because we have to give our fans a winner!
Second executive: No, we don't.
Sports executive: We don't?
Second executive: We're the most valuable franchise in the NHL, and we're sold out for years in advance! What's our motivation to change? Those morons will come see us no matter what we do!
Sports executive: You know, you're right.
Voice: Tired of being taken for granted? Tired of being loyal to a team that doesn't respect you? Then come back to the most winning sports team in Toronto's history! You deserve a winner!
Argonauts football.

Radio spot:
First commentator: There's Jones, in the outfield.
Second commentator: Yes, he's standing there. You know, he's very good at that. The statistics tell the whole story.
First commentator: You're right: this is the one thousand, six hundred and fifty-sixth time this year that he has stood there, just like that.
Second commentator: His average standing time, per inning, this year is eleven minutes.
First commentator: That's amazing! Eleven minutes!
Second commentator: Yes, very impressive. In fact, when you factor in his ten million dollar per year salary, you come up with some hefty numbers.
First commentator: Why, I bet you do!
Second commentator: For every inning of standing around, like he's doing now --
First commentator: And very well – great stance!
Second commentator: Great stance, yes – he earns 6 038 dollars and 65 cents!
First commentator: That's incredible! He earns my annual salary every ten innings that he stands there!
Second commentator: Ah, the inning's over: look! He's moving!
First commentator: Yes, he's jogging back to the dugout! What a performance!
Second commentator: Well, it's more of a stroll.
First commentator: A brisk stroll, though. A brisk stroll.
Second commentator: Well, now he's slowing down to a walk....
Voice: Seriously? You call that a sport?
Grunting, hitting, and then the voice of an announcer -- “What a throw! What a catch! What a move! Touchdown! Touchdown Argonauts!?
Voice: Now that's the sound of a real sport.
Argonauts football.

TV ad:
Sports executive: What'll we call the team?
Second executive: I don't know. Jurassic Park is the hot movie out now.
Sports executive: Good idea!
Third executive: Good idea? What's that have to do with Toronto?
Sports executive: Who cares!? It's a trend.
Second executive: Yeah, we'll call them the Raptors!
Sports executive: Okay. What about a logo?
Second executive: How about a dinosaur in shorts and a t-shirt bouncing a baskeball?
Sports executive: Perfect!
Voice: What are you going to do – support a team named after a fad with no roots in the city?
Montage of turn of the 20th century students playing football and rowing – segue to a view of the future, the Argos logo rising above water and field.
Voice: These were the young men who built this city and laid the foundations of its greatness, and they found their inspiration, and themselves, in the sports of rowing and football.
Montage of World War I fighting.
Voice: They built this city, and then fought to defend it and this country.
Argonauts football: tradition built by heroes.

I think you should keep your day job.

I don't see allienating / attacking another fanbase as superb advertisement, but you never know...shock and awe approaches sometimes work. Personally, taking a shot at the NFL in such a manor as the first example, I think is a huge mistake.

Rise above, not sink low...the leagues have a fairly good relationship, and jeaprodizing that may be fool-hearted.

Who needs the Bills when you've go the Argos?

I agree, go on the offensive:

Can the Leafs win a championship? The Raptors? The Bluejays? TFC??? I'm glad we have the Argos!

What's red, white and blue, carries a Canadian passport and is delusional? A Toronto Buffalo Bills fan.

Only cool sports fans cheer for the Argos.

The Toronto Media seems to take shots at the Argos and the CFL all the time. At least we can fire back...

I laughed. But right now, the Argos are reaching out, and need to keep doing that.

Having mentioned the Argo advertising campaign, not sure I quite get the the current, animated like strategy…

They are in a tough spot with Tuesdays game. That is a awful day for a game. I think all tickets for kids under 18 should be free when a adult ticket is purchased. Exposing your feature fan base can't be a bad thing .

Or take the higher road.
2 wrongs don't make a right and all

but hey, to each their own I guess

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club should adopt the moniker:


This might subtly remind fans that the Bills are Buffalo's football team and the similar-sounding Toronto Football Club play in a soccer league.

I wouldn't even acknowledge the acid-tongued pariahs in the Toronto media (who like to pull on CFL fan's chain because they know they'll get a reaction) or the sniveling snot-nosed trolls who spout negative diatribes about Canadian football or anything non-American. :roll:

Being passive and friendly has gotten the argos nowhere.
Making a bit of noise, and standing out from the crowd might work.
It would appeal to the non conformists out there.

Bashing the jays while playing in their stadium might not be too smart.
Perhaps save these ads for after the argos get their own stadium.

Rogers would lose it, and destroy them

You mean aside from the 60% of the population that loathes the Conservatives?

Attack ads "work" in the sense that they can convince fearful people to vote against something. They don't work if you want to get someone to spend money on your product.

The Argonauts are in no position to launch a hostile advertising campaign. if we consider Rogers and Bell to be the two big players in sports media, well the Argos only have one in their corner. That ally (Bell), also owns 50% of MLSE or 4 of the 5 clubs a hostile campaign would be aimed against. The Argos are also tenants in a Rogers owned building.

If the Argos would like to be bankrupt and homeless by the 2014 season... go right ahead.

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Agreed!!!! but just in case,could luck on this job posting. :wink: :roll:

lol these are all terrible. not sure if serious

why attack other sports? people can be a fan of more than one. besides baseball and basketball aren't boring. I'd say watching a football game with an attendance of 15,000 in a stadium that seats 50,000+ is pretty boring.

I did however like this part "Be proud. Be proud of our team, our country and our game!"

they are doing the right thing by looking to build there stadium outside of Toronto to the Northern Suburbs
I have nothing to back this but my bet is that those season ticket holders and others that go to the game live outside of the Municipality of Toronto to the North and driving into the city on a friday night for a 7:00 start is not going to happen.
If the fans cannot get to you you build your stadium where they are.
Suburban families and and older retired Argo fans most likely live in the suburbs. So you going to the grass roots with the youth league being in the burbs but you play your games in the city.
Just a guess