Argos Add Rocky Butler

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Butler know all the play calling signals?

This one maybe a little more informative:

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Another reason to dislike Rocky
He now an Argo
so He Public Enemy #1 for Ticats Fans.

Rocky might know the plays but they can change up the signals or have two or three guys signaling in plays. They have probably added some new plays since training camp as well.

Did the Argos have to give up two starters and a draft pick to get him…OUCH!!!

You had to know he was going to land somewhere

And he'll be cut as soon as Bishop is healthy.

Ya but you don't understand, if we didn't make that trade then we would not have been able to keep Maas and his 400k contract lmao.

That was such a better move than the other option at the time of cutting Maas, keeping Smith and Flick and then going out and signing Buck Pierce.

Signing Buck Pierce? Where did that come from?

He's under contract to B.C. and they would be crazy to get rid of him, considering Concusion-Son is out and Buck's the starter, I don't think it's very likely.

Who cares where Butler goes? He's a guy who couldn't crack our top 3 QBs, I think that says something about him.

for some reason i think this guy is better than we think.

From what Ive last heard on, the lions lost both the first and second string QBs last game. Dickson and Pierce both got injured meaning that if it stays that way, well be facing off against Jarius Jackson (who will probabily still light up our defence)

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Butler had two good career games last year..and they were both against us..every other quarterback had career games against us last year too..
he will be cut once Bishop or,,,,geesh whats his name?..the qb from Nebraska..forgot his name.. comes back from injury

Eric Crouch

And yes Jarious Jackson had his career game against us last year.
Hall of Fame game in the rain and he played great in the second half.

He was a free agent but no one went after him.'re only P.E. #1 when you leave the Cats and sign with the Argos. (O'Shea type)

Hamilton "allowed" his release and he's just trying to make some $ like you and me.

Stick it to Little Mikey O'Shea, traitor extrodinare!


I think Butler could be another Kevin Glenn type, steady but not spectacular, if he gets a chance to play.
Still think it was a dumb trade though, two veteran starters and a draft choice and then you cut the guy without playing him. I know he asked for his release, but only after they humiliated him.
Jason Maas is playing exactly the same as last year and he's not going to get any better IMO. Would the Ticats be any worse off right now if they had played Butler to bridge the gap to Chang? I don't think so. Might have even won the game the other night.

The Argos may well cut him if Bishop can come back this fall, but Damon may be on the shelf by that time. Some other team may be desperate for an experienced QB by that time also. Argos might even get a draft choice for him down the road.

IMHO -Butler looked good in the b&g game/scrimmage- ANd his styl will fit with bishops, And all it cost us wwwas D j flick and 2 more players thrown in, This has got to go down as the Best deal ever made- good work - pass the bonus$$$ plate, around ivor wynne next game --0 & 4 and there is the door!

Rock is using #19 with the boatmen