Argos Add QBs Bell and Hamdan

That's a bold prediction thinking he's not done. Isn't there a rule that you must have more than one qb on your roster? lmao

If their plan is to rock with 3 other nobodies like Bell in camp then good luck and goodnight to mr. Barker.

Nice try. I haven't 'determined' anything about Bell. He may turn out to be a great QB. He may be a bust. He may be in between. My beef is with Barker seemingly not being interested in having any kind of backup plan, which he could have had simply by bringing back one of Joseph and Pickett at least through TC.

Pickett is going nowhere. Joseph is done and costly. Absolutely pointless having them in camp.
You, on the other hand, are advancing opinions as fact.
The coach has to believe there's the slightest chance for a second or third string QB to challenge as a starter to "push" anyone. Having Pickett and Joseph hang around camp would be a charade and just another distraction.
And my point is that he's an idiot if he thinks Pickett and/or Joseph are so completely without value that he can't even keep one of them around for TC.
And who's to say Barker is done signing QBs ?
Who said Barker was done signing QBs? Not me. But releasing your entire stable of QBs before acquiring one guy with zero CFL experience isn't great.

Can you name me one team anywhere that cuts all of its QBs in the off-season without having new guys signed? Even if Rita has his sights on a "proven" guy (and it's unlikely he does given its Idiot Rita we're talking about here), who knows if he'll be able to get him. What a sick joke if he has to open training camp with an all-rookie lineup at QB.

He should've brought one of the three back for camp.

Maybe last season's 3-15 will look pretty good in a few months.

An Argo-Cat fan

So true, both statements.

It’s really bizarre. . . and unprecedented I do believe. . . I do not recall any football team ever doing this. . . I stand to be corrected if someone can come up with an example. . . but I won’t hold my breath.

If Barker can't find a QB he can win with he will pay with his job. I don't understandn why he cares what people think about him. The only thing that matters is will he be able to turn things around ... And if he fails he's pretty much done in the CFL. Jim should worry about Jim...

It was interesting to hear about the blew team making a trade for Dalton Bell. But I figured that after they jettisoned every QB on their roster, what they really needed to bring in was a quarterback. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, after the blew team had literally has zero QBs on their roster, they had to bring one in. And Bell's name might sound familiar to some, as Smokey pointed out earlier in this thread. We had him on our negotiation list, and Desjardins traded him in that trade where we sent the Riders Flick and Smith for... Rocky Butler. Bell might have a future in this league, and therefore that trade might turn out being even worse for us. Here's a link to an article on that trade, and I must warn you that reading it may bring back some bad memories: ... rcats.html

I have to think that the blew team just acquired a backup QB and we have yet to see them bring in the QB who'll be their starter this year. Bell could get better as he actually gains experience in this league, and could be a future starter. But the Riders don't seem to think so. If they did, would they have let him go at the bargain bin price of a fifth round draft pick?

And here is an interesting excerpt from the article mentioned by Mr62cats:

"What I will say is there's not a player in the league that I'll mortgage the future for.?

Take that to mean Barker is not about to trade away a high draft pick for an unproven commodity. He did that in 2005, when he was with the Calgary Stampeders and coveted former Washington State University standout Jason Gesser. To get the rights to Gesser, Calgary surrendered a first-round pick to B.C. Gesser played parts of two seasons with the Stampeders before being released.

“I thought [Gesser] had all the tools and felt it was okay to give up a first-round pick for a guy who was going to be a starter. It was a bad trade,? Barker said. “I swore I would never do that again. … Trading for quarterbacks in this league is a very difficult thing to do.

Trading for QBs may be difficult, but that's what had to be done after the release of all three QBs they had.

Barker hasn't been a HC in this league in seven years, and hasn't been successful as a coach in the CFL since his OC days in Montreal. He's going to be under the gun to prove that the game hasn't passed him by.

8) The Toronto Argos have announced this morning that they have signed Imp. QB Gibran Hamdan.
   His most recent team was the Buffalo Bills.  Hamdan was also the MVP of NFL Europe in 2006.

   Coach Jim Barker is very high on Hamdan  !!!

   I am sure there will be more QB signings by the Argos in the days to come.

maybe they will bring in pierce just to push him ...

Typical Toronto signing. Grab a guy with the least hint of NFL scent on him despite the fact that he hasn't been able to stick with any team for any substantial length of time. Because you know, there are absolutely no options within the CFL itself. :roll:

I take no delight in saying this, but so far the Blue Team looks like a disaster this year. Hamdan has one career pass in the NFL and 150 in Europe over his seven year professional career.

I know what you are saying, but I think the Argos will actually improve. With Barker having a say in personell moves (such as the upcoming draft) & a coaching staff that will not coach NFL style football, the Argos may not be a great team, but better than last years sickening display.

Well, they've got a receiver in Copeland who is going to help a lot with their qb's and what the different challenges are in the Canadian game.

Look,s like they made the last two QB,s signings to placate the media. Barker not playing all his cards Yet.- would it be plausible they want to give Branagan a serious look? -

Bishop would be a natural to invite to camp.

The Argos are placing their Quarterbacking hopes on a guy that's thrown about 2 meaningful passes in the last 5 years.


Not so sure there Rusty. . . they've signed the guy, just as they've traded to get Bell and apparently signed this Malleo guy. In none of those cases have they suggested that they are placing all their hopes on this guy. . . or that guy, or the other guy.

There are more to be signed I am sure. . . so that they'll have a competition in training camp and pick the best one to be the starter. I don't see any of them being 'anointed' the starter at this point.

And gil is right. . . as bleak as it may look at this point, they can't possibly have a worse offence than what Andrus fielded last season.

All I can say your not welcome in Ham Dan. Ham is going to be a hellish place Dan......I Hope. If they work hard they could finish forth in the east.

Oh, you mean sort of like McPherson was before Montreal signed him?

Those are two good prospects for the Argos, they may have to play someone who's never played CFL football. There is no one available that would make this team a challenger this year anyway.