Argos Add QBs Bell and Hamdan

Great piece by Allan Maki in today's Globe and Mail......especially the first paragraph :lol: :

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You can hardly blame Jim Barker though....he just arrived!
Only thing is the Cody Pickett signing by Montreal indicates to me that Barker may have been better off using an offensive plan this season using him rather than cutting him loose. It could be Barker who ends up doing the scrambling this season if he can't find a decent starting QB.

Jim Barker supplies early candidate for quote of the year:

Contrary to what people think, I'm not an idiot.
Time will tell, Mr. Barker.

I think the other interesting quote is this one: "It's all about the system and finding the right guy for it.? So it sounds like Barker has a system in mind and wants to find a QB who can play that system, rather than designing a system around a known QB. For the past two years people have said that was one of the problems in Toronto, that under Stubler, Matthews and Andrus they designed a system based on a pocket passer and tried to fit Joseph into it, instead of designing a system around Joseph's skill set as Sask had done. Now Barker has cut him instead of building a system around him.

Thing is, he cut both Pickett the pocket passer (say that three times quickly!) and Joseph the natural scrambler. I wonder what sort of system he's talking about.

Honestly, do you truly think either of those guys would have been the answer to any team’s QB woes?

Of course not, and as a Bomber fan I know something about QB woes! :lol:

I'm just trying to figure out what Barker's thinking, and not getting very far from the clues available.

8) TSN is reporting that the Argos have obtained Import QB Dalton Bell from the Sask Roughriders.
   Bell has spent the last 2 years on the PR of the Roughriders.

   Argos gave up a 5th round pick in the 2010 Canadian Draft to Sask. in return.

   Things are looking up for the Argos now !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

What 's Barker supposed to do ?? Considering what is available (which is next to nothing) giving up a 5th rounder is painless for the Argos. Barker wants to keep his higher picks and it's not like he has surplus talent to trade away for a QB that's demonstrably better.

Hope it works out. It's fun to beat up on the Argos and everything but its better for everyone that Tor. fields at least a competitive team.

Hopefully he's not related to Kerwin Bell or we're all doomed, the Bell familly has super human genes.


Not cut the two CFL-ready QBs that used to be on the roster so that there would be at least some veteran bodies to push Dalton Bell in training camp.

I don't care if Pickett and Joseph weren't in Barker's plans anymore. It is simply unfathomable to not even give them a chance to show what they can do in training camp. The league isn't exactly overflowing with potential no. 1 QBs and you're telling me the Argos, of all teams, can afford to airlift in a bunch of brand-new faces without retaining any continuity from the previous year?

I hope Barker succeeds, because despite what he says, he's going to look like a gigantic idiot if the offense doesn't improve this season.

True. . . but on the other hand, any offence he installs regardless of who plays QB is bound to be an improvement over the offence that Andrus installed last season. It can't possibly be any worse, can it ?

I wonder if Barker knows you can sign other teams' practice roster players without having to trade away anything in return.

Shhhhh, don't give him ideas !

CFL ready?
Pickett never demonstrated at any time he could be a reliable, productive starter. Joseph was done as a QB at the end of 08 and costs the team a substantial salary whilst he sits on the bench. Keeping them in the hopes of "pushing" someone accomplishes nothing and achieves zero progress.

I'll bet it's not lost on Damon Allen that the team's QB'ing situation has never really recovered ever since he was forced to retire earlier than he wanted to. We'll never really know how long the old man could have played if given the chance. BC thought he was washed up after the 2002 season, and he went on to win a Grey Cup (against BC) and an MOP award.

TICats pull off multi-player trade
Jan 31, 2007, 23:20 GMT

Regina, Saskatchewan - The Saskatchewan Roughriders acquired non-import offensive lineman Wayne Smith, import wideout D.J. Flick, a second- round pick in the 2007 CFL College Draft and the negotiation rights to West Texas quarterback Dalton Bell from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in a major trade on Wednesday.

In return, Hamilton received import signal caller Rocky Butler, Saskatchewan's second and fifth round picks in the draft and the negotiation rights to Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer.

Smith, the former first overall pick in the 2004 Draft, started in 13 regular season games for the Tiger-Cats last season, while Flick caught 52 passes for 693 yards and two touchdowns in 17 regular season games last year.

Flick, a six-year CFL veteran, enjoyed his best season in 2005 when he had 80 catches for 1,245 yards and six touchdowns for the Tiger-Cats.

'Obviously, we are delighted to add two outstanding players such as DJ and Wayne,' said Saskatchewan general manager/vice president of football operations Eric Tillman. 'Both are established starters and very, very good character guys. This deal allows us to get a young quality Canadian lineman, a big-play receiver and to secure the ninth overall pick in this spring's Canadian draft.'

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Yes, CFL ready. Both players started a substantial number of games for the Argos over the past two years. In my book, that is CFL ready. I'm not making any judgments about quality or aptitude, just noting that both Pickett and Joseph have something that Bell doesn't have: experience as a starter in meaningful CFL games.

Keeping them in the hopes of "pushing" someone accomplishes nothing and achieves zero progress.
Glad you're able to make that determination out of hand, before TC even starts. You bring bodies into training camp to increase competition for a spot. Essentially, may the best man win. There would have been absolutely no harm to bringing one or both players back for this purpose. If they flame out in camp, you cut them and it's a moot point. If they do well, they either grab a roster spot or push the rest of the field to excel. Either way, every QB will benefit from having at least one guy around who has a fair degree of CFL experience, and who knows the defenses that the team will be facing game in and game out.

You've already done that with your determination of Bell.

Pickett is going nowhere.
Joseph is done and costly.
Absolutely pointless having them in camp.
The coach has to believe there's the slightest chance for a second or third string QB to challenge as a starter to "push" anyone. Having Pickett and Joseph hang around camp would be a charade and just another distraction.
And who's to say Barker is done signing QBs ?

This whole Dalton Bell thing is just a smokescreen to cover the most innovative marketing scheme in history: one lucky season ticket will be drawn each week, allowing the fan who holds that ticket to QB the Argos in the following week's game.


Now that Buck Pierce is available?