Argos add QB Dorsey and DB Carpenter

if i was an argos fan, this is probably the most excited i would be for a start to a season since doug flutie took over as QB. its got a really awesome fresh start feeling. not to mention, if the argos had kept a bishop or joseph, they would want a pile of cash... the guys they signed are prolly just happy to get a chance to play... let alone a check. i will be the first to admit, Din definately did not get a decent chance. he could be something in this league. im not sure why Barker stayed away from him. But he got a pretty good seat on a bench anyways. Looks like gthe first QB from the copper league is no longer in the running. weird. I am the first to admit, i was hard on the bombers last year when they brought in a rookie QB at the helm... I think i should have given it more of a chance. i wonder if maybe that was more the play calling then QB... although the recievers came to Calagary and had a good end of the season.

I don't know if he ever was signed, I do know the Argos worked him out. Last I read, there was an article in an Arizona newspaper stating Malleo was staying home to be with his mother who is suffering from panciatic cancer.

No thanks to above. Dinwiddie? Why? Pierce maybe, but who backs him up when he goes down? As far as the other guys you listed, they would be in the same category as current Argo hopefull Dalton Bell.

Give Barker a chance AT.

Couldn't agree with you more.

The only quibble would be about Joseph. Now, I have never been a particular fan of his, and I do think he's well past his 'best before' date. That said, I don't place quite all the blame for his poor showing the past two seasons on his shoulders. In his defence, he was put in an impossible situation, two seasons in a row; they tried to make him a pocket passer which he is not, never has been, and never will be. Why two different offensive coordinators, Buratto and then Andrus, tried to squeeze a square peg into a round hole is beyond me.

That said, I support Barker in going in a totally different direction and bringing new blood to the league.

Barker told the Fan590, using Dinwiddie as an example, that he isn't looking for a "B" quaterback who is not likely to lead his team to a Grey Cup and win it. He's trying to find an A quarterback who can. So bringing in a Dinwiddie would just take practice time and exhibition game time away from the others, to no point since he doesn't see Dinwiddie as having the potential to be an A quarterback.

Pierce of course is signed in Winnipeg, and Harrell is in the States, last I heard about Chang was that he was getting into coaching (besides, Chang never showed anything to lead one to think he could develop into an A quarterback anyway).

Champion and/or Santos might be worth a look, but the Argos already have 5 QBs in camp, and it's tough enough to get 5 QBs enough reps in practice and in the 2 exhibition games to get a good evaluation of them, let alone seven.

I've aways liked Jim Barker, I think he's a pretty good judge of talent, so if he is of the opinion that one or more of the 5 QBs he's signed have the potential to be quality starters in this league (and he must think that, otherwise he wouldn't have signed them), then I'm behind him at this stage. Let's see how they do.


I'm guessing that Cleo Lemon actually has the best chance to start.
He's been a pro for many years and was actually pretty good at times
when he had a chance to start games in the NFL. Also- His skill set fits the CFL.
He could turn out to be pleasant surprise. And being 30, he should still have some gas.


I'm very curious to see how the Argos come together this year, should be fun to watch with the new blood.

This never ending search for QBs with Canadian football experience just underscores the need to develop CIS QBs into CFL QBs. :cowboy:

How can you develop a QB?If you have the talent it will show

This has been quite another circular discussion along with CFL expansion and a few others on here in the off-season.

Already discussed on this matter is some serious reform in Canada with regard to promotion of football at the youth level as opposed to hockey. They seem to have the same issues up there with football as many parts of the country have here with soccer, football, basketball, and hockey.

And due mostly I think to the bias of wealth amongst its older fans, baseball has its youth outreach about everywhere though has declined vastly in popularity since especially the 1994 strike but for perhaps in the Northeast where it dominates. And then of course they had to resort to PEDs to revive it for awhile and somehow the commissioner presiding over it, who no doubt knew all along, is still there to ride it out into the next level down towards oblivion. Watch where it stands by the end of this decade.

Unlike in Texas or here in parts of PA (but not here in Metro Philly) as I have seen, until you see kids getting together for pick-up games and a few more guys doing the same more as for other sports, football won't develop much for those athletes locally and also not near as much as in such areas dominant in the US along with some other places. And I doubt Brett Favre and a bunch of guys like that in many places other than perhaps more in places like Texas or Florida get together, and probably not in blue jeans either, and throw around in the mud like in that annoying Wrangler jeans commercial.

Strangely still to this day in the US by comparison, even though the popularity of soccer has grown nationally amongst the youth, it is heavily regionalised amongst adults. I know this having lived in Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and in Philadelphia, which are not soccer towns, compared to Washington DC Metro and Atlanta which are more the case.

When you can find many empty grass fields often and rarely come across some guys for a pick-up game, some even with goals with nets up, where you live, you are NOT in a soccer town. And it is about the same for other sports with that "pick-up" game analysis for most places I have noticed.

By contrast in Indiana you are almost always likely to find a pick-up basketball game and from what I hear in Minnesota in the winter pick-up hockey on frozen lakes and ponds. Here also as an example there are plenty of folks playing softball and plenty of more fields for it too.

Barker is a such a nice guy complementing Dinwiddie as a "B" QB, I was going to say a "C to D" QB myself.

Personally I like the direction Barker is going. Why buy second hand, it's just other peoples garbage. Personally would have like to seen Todd Reesing in a Argo Jersey, but as a backup. It'll be an interesting training camp. I might actually go to the pre-season game this season.