Argos add QB Dorsey and DB Carpenter

Not really sure what to make of this, Ken Dorsey had a very impressive resume at Miami but that was almost 10 years ago. Also no Canadian experience. We'll have to see what this guy can do at camp, certainly lots of competition at pivot in Argoland now. As for Carpenter, a DB with CFL experience and some decent numbers with Calgary. Good move for the defense, at least at camp.

So how many QBs is this for the Argos???

Dorsey is probably just a TC body but Carpenter's a pretty good signing.Definitely and upgrade.

Ive lost all track a long time ago lol. The more the better that means more competition, gotta be someone half decent in the bunch

I just don't understand what Barker is trying to do with these NFL QB rejects.
You would think he would know better, how the success factor is clearly against these players being parachuted into a new game and especially since this year cannot be a growing curve.
If anything, experienced CFL QB's should have been signed not the other way around.

Heard Barker being interviewed by Brunt and McCown on Primetime Sports; he was asked that very question, why not bring in someone with CFL experience.

His answer was to the effect that the only CFL QBs out there available to be signed (and he used Dinwiddie as an example) were what he called “B” quarterbacks who couldn’t lead a team to a Grey Cup, and he didn’t want someone like that taking playing time away from someone who might turn out to be an A quarterback. He thinks he’ll find an A quaterback out of the five he has now and didn’t want to waste time on a B quarterback.

Let's hope...

Let's not,
I want the Argo's suck chant to still have some kind of meaning :wink:

:lol: There's no way in hell Hamilton and Toronto would be able to share a stadium.

I hope so for his sake, but in my opinion these four from the NFL are exactly what I have said rejects for a reason.
At best, any and all are a long term project.
Exactly what this franchise cannot afford another year like the previous two.

we had this conversation about the QB thing earlier in another thread. there really is no QB available with CFL experience that has ever done anything worth while. but i think we are up to at least 5 QB's for training camp thats listed on the argos website. Maybe they will keep 4? most likely only 3. i just hope brannigan is one of them.

How long till the Argos sign Gino Torretta?

Unless of course they are going to make a run for that UFL according to one guy on here who I think is recruiting them actively behind the scenes, how about Craig Erickson, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Brock Berlin (ESPN analyst now who is better than Jesse Palmer take him back from us please!), or Steve Walsh? Boo-yah!

What the four NFL rejects have done better?
One guy I forget which has thrown all of one pass in the regular season over what 4-5 years while holding a clipboard.
I would rather have any day of the week the following into camp, Pierce, Dunwiddie and heck even my man Bishop.

Granted different coaches different approaches okay as we play again armchair GM here...

I understand what also argofan1990 said below about having a bunch of young new guns together to shoot it out for sake of finding a future starter to groom, but why Barker wants to use an NFL never-was I don't get other than perhaps he wants to take a chance on a 29-year old who is more mature than yet another untested rookie altogether.

Note that Dorsey was an absolutely dreadful NFL QB who played in 16 real games in 3 real seasons and started 13 of them to go 2-11, 52.5%, 8TD, 18 Int.

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Most likely as 15_Championships said, Dorsey's just an experienced TC arm, as also Dorsey is not and never was a mobile quarterback as is more desirable in Canadian football.

why should the CFL coaches be expected to continue to give the same failed QB's chance after chance. like Bihsop for example. Why not give someone a chance who hasnt played. peirce is an injury waiting to happen. that thinx he's werth way more then he is. how can we get experienced QB's in the CFL if the Coaches are expected to keep playing the same failures. I think as Chief say, we need Bishop to go away and never return. Very few people want to see the same washed up failed QBs anymore. Im so glad someone, even if its Toronto, has the willingness to finally go out on a limb and try some new blood. Joseph had 2 years to make something of himself. He is another guy that needs to go away. Good on Barker for seeing that The CFL needs some new blood. and obviously he wants to try as many out as he can.

Very well put hothead. These new guys are unknowns in the CFL game. Guys like Bishop, we know what they can do, which is why Barker is wise to stay away.

How about Dinwiddie, Pierce, Santos, Champion, Harrell, Chang?

I thought Chris Malleo, out of the Copper Football League was the first signed, he's not listed on the Argo's roster.

Is he still and Argo.

din and pierce are still young enough, champion hasnt had a fair shot and is young enough, harrell signed with the packers and chang is in jail isnt he?

bishop is what? 35? jospeh is 37 38?... 10 years older than the oldest guys u listed.