Argo's Add NFL WR Justin Blackmon

The Argo's have acquired the rights to NFL WR Justin Blackmon from the Jaguars according to Sportsnet

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Interesting in the story at the bottom of the page it talks about Montreal and all the QB's the Al's have on the negotiating list including Troy Flutie the son of Darren are the Ti-Cats able to access this list?

NEGOTIATION LIST NOTES: CFL sources tell Sportsnet that the B.C. Lions last week added safety Taylor Mays to their negotiation list. Since, the six-year NFL vet signed in Oakland… Jacksonville cut QB Jeff Tuel on Saturday. The CFL significance? The journeyman was added to the Lions negotiation list last December… Some 15 of the 35 Montreal negotiation list spots are occupied by quarterbacks. Among them: Cardale Jones, Joe Webb, Tim Tebow, Matt Simms, Braxton Miller, Case Keenum and Troy Flutie (son of Darren, nephew of Doug)… Finally, sources say Jerry Rice Jr., the son of the legendary NFL receiver now playing at UNLV, was added to Montreal’s negotiation list in June. The Alouettes just last season had Duron Carter, the son of Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter, on their active roster before he signed with Indianapolis over the winter.

The neg list is open to all teams, all teams have one. Its a tricky spot because you want to put players on it you think might be able to play in the CFL. In theory Russell Wilson would likely be on a teams neg list (or was at one time). These are normally not published and change all the time.

Can you imagine the reaction from Rod Black if Hamilton could sign the son of Flutie and the son of Jerry Rice, playing alongside the son of Steve Tasker...... :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks for the laugh!!!

I'm shocked sportsnet covers CFL news at all, because they hate it. Their writers especially have long shown a disdain for the CFL, and often for petty reasons like the pay isn't what it is in the NFL.

They likely only covered it because it involved the NFL.

me too, they're constantly advertising NFL "Thursday night football" to help you with "football with drawl", Thursday night there is a CFL game every week.

They hate the CFL? Just because they didn't want to buy into the Argos because they see no money to be made doesn't mean they "hate" the CFL. It's business.
TSN is doing a lot of advertising for their NFL broadcasts too this season especially to football fans during CFL games
Sportsnet actually have pretty good coverage of the CFL considering they don't broadcast games.

I'm just looking at the facts I have seen over the years. Sportsnet is VERY pro-Conservative, and Canadian neocon's are very typically much more pro-American with sports and loyalties to their own nations interests.

People like that rarely support the CFL if they like football.

A real life example... Simon Fraser University in BC plays all it's athletics in the NCAA in the US. They say they want to compete against the best possible athletes... but how can our own ever get better when we remove athletes and support from it?

I have no issue with the US in general, but they have over 320,000,000 people already, and don't need more support for anything. Here in Canada we have a mere 34-35 million to draw from, so our talent needs to stay here - aside from things like the NFL, NHL etc. You can't blame a guy for wanting to make more as a pro, since many athletic careers are so short, but I'm just saying that we need to support our own grass roots athletics, along with everything between grass roots and pro.


Blackman has a bad 420 Habbit

Why he’s fail the NFL Drug Testing Policy and is Banned from the NFL

it was the CFL or AFL

Our stadium announcer would have a field day too...

I hate sportsnet as much as anyone else but why would they promote a thursday night cfl game. They dont air the games.

That would be like Mcdonalds promoting a whopper?

I am almost positive the announcer called Luke, Steve, after a catch during last weeks game. :thdn:

Argos have not signed blackmon.. They got rights
BUT order for him to play he first has to be reinstated by the NFL..the CFL agreed to uphold suspensions ..
Also the Jags probably will not release him from his contract to play up north ...
He's been a letdown since draft day..suspended before he even got started here..CFL should steer clear

Can’t agree with your generalization. I lean towards the right and I am very pro-CFL and pro-most things Canadian. On the other hand, I have zero interest in American football at any level. This is true of most of my buddies as well.

I may be wrong but I don’t think SFU plays against the top US schools. Their absence from the CIS makes no difference to the level of play here. The main obstacle to improving athletics here in every sport is the refusal to provide athletic scholarships to students. I think Laval sort of gets around it and that’s why they’re so good every year.

An Argo-Cat fan

No, the league agreed to honour contracts. Players under NFL contracts cannot play in the CFL. If they are under suspension, but have been released, they can play in the CFL. LeVon Brazill was suspended by the NFL for four games, but was cut by the Colts before his suspension kicked in and signed, and played, for the Argos last year. If Blackmon was released by the Jags, he would be free to sign with the Argos.

I just hope we can field a team on Monday, Wow so many injuries on the Cats and with starters out. Imagine the Tiger-Cats with a healthy team if we had Gable, Madu, Fantuz, Grant, Bulke plus all the recent injured like Norwood, Daly and so on this team would be amazing.

However the Tiger-Cats are still amazing because good teams find ways to win with injuries as Coach Austin would say and this gives the opportunities for some new players to shine and show us fans their stuff.



I never said all conservatives hate the CFL. I know some who love it, but what I'm saying is that conservative minded Canadians are typically a lot more pro-American than most of us. To the point that they support American institutions of all types, and rarely the Canadian version.

Harper runs this nation like he was elected by the American people, because that is whose interests he seems to always have in mind. He's a borderline traitor IMO.

The more left leaning people are typically the more pro-Canadian. More national minded.

I consider myself a moderate. I don't believe in being set to a hardline political path. If an idea or bill is logically smart, then put it into action whether it leans left or right.

Our next government is almost certainly going to be a minority one, and likely the NDP. They have not had a run at the helm yet, but I don't see how they can be any worse than the Liberal and Conservative governments.

I'm certainly not a supporter of any present day political party, so I just vote for whomever I see as the lesser of three evils. In 2015... that's the NDP.

As for SFU... they play in Div. II, which is the middle of the pack in terms of athlete quality normally, but not always. Some very good ones have come from small Div. II and III schools. ie. Jerry Rice

So i guess the media here got it wrong thats where i got that from... Hoping the jags cuts ties he's been a problem since he was drafted here.

I'm suffering from electile dysfunction. The inability to be aroused by any candidates.

An Argo-Cat fan