Argos Acquire Zach Collaros

I take it Zach won’t be dressing for tomorrow’s game against the Blue Bombers…


It’s a rather depressing move. I’d like to see much better health and performance for both Collaros and the Argos, but I don’t think this move with lead to that for either. :frowning:

He must have so the liability issue would be removed from the league .

Collaros, i believe was only signed at the last minute for one year, after the Riders missed on Bo.

Riders get a draft pick and can move on in developing Fajardo.

For Collaros, I wish him the best of luck and hope his health improves. He gets to be closer to his family as well.

As for the league stepping in. The player has right to keep playing. If teams don’t want to due to his health concerns and insurance and medical costs that is up to them. I am getting tired of so many comments putting the onus on the league. This is on the player, his agent, friends and families to choose. If you believe the league has onus to protect the player, then the players association does as well, and as we have seen, the CFLPA comes to protect paycheques, they don’t seem to care about the health of the players.

Always like ZC however never felt he would return to the QB he was at his peak. I also would like to see him step back but hey that’s on him.
I don’t think one would consider Zack a ‘durable quarterback’, but I wish him the best this season.
He could surprise us all and be the answer TO needs right now, or, he could get into the game, get hit, and be out…bada bing bada bang…Boom
Good luck to him.

Yes your right it becomes a reverse onus on the employee so the team and league are removed from liability .

Unfortunately for many professions especially unionized in day to day life they can now ask for medical approval for you return to work .

They can be quite invasive on particular medical/mental issues depending on how weak or strong your union is at the time and what your employment requires .

I can’t see a CFL doctor approving his return and it’s just speculation he was asked to get his own independent medical approval for this season in order to continue to play pro football .

Extremely well said!

He is a body in a uniform … but that is all.

He was traded, so his contract comes with him … unless he shows up (eventually) on CFL transactions as released then signed the contract hasn’t changed.

I really hope this trade works out for Zach, even if he only plays part of the time. We need great QBs, and one’s who have long, injury-free careers. I’m not expert on concussions, but Zach may be pushing his limit. Time will tell.

That limit may already have crested the hill and no longer need pushing … it is sliding out-of-control down the other side.

For sure not!! That really want him to last more then one game.

Yes of course, you are right.
However, I do recall reading when the Riders signed him this year the contract was in fact like I was signing mostly heavily based on games played.

Clearly the riders have their new starter with Cody - but a trade this week as soon as zak was cleared to practise is a bit odd.

I felt a trade would happen after he had returned as back up for one game - and had though on a no risk contract he would have been perfect for Hamilton.

His current contract is very low - big money is tied to games player etc and is only 1 year.

For Hamilton it would have been a low risk short term plan for this season and a QB that is familiar with the teams offence.

However being in Toronto It’s a chance to turn it around for him and the team and is low risk for the Argos… a 4th round cfl pick isn’t a whole lot to give up

Still feel there is a medical story here we aren’t getting the run down on ( riders wanting him to retire vs player wanting to continue kinda thing ).

Win lose or draw I wish zak the best and hope he stays upright and healthy

Collaros contract

Well over 1/2 of his contract has already been paid

Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Zach Collaros is to earn in the neighbourhood of $300,000 including base salary and a signing bonus, per the terms of his new contract with the CFL team.
Most of the hard money is in the form of a $175,000 signing bonus. The base salary is in the low six figures.
When playing-time bonuses are factored into the equation, Collaros’ earnings could exceed $400,000.

Collaros should consider coaching… his playing days are definitely done. All you have to do is look at Matt Dunigan to see what a continued pounding can do to a person. There are some players who were never the same after repeated concussions… and I’m talking all sports not just football. The standard for a concussed player should be extremely stringent… they should be placed on the IL for a significant amount of time.

I really hope Zach is a Savior in Toronto. I think he’s going to be inspired.
That can do nothing but good for TO