Argos Acquire Zach Collaros

I guess desperate teams require desperate measures.

If anything Collaros should be convinced to retire. The poor guy will be suffering from CTE at 40.

All Sask got was a conditional 4th round draft pick? I guess Collaros’ stock has really went down.

I agree though, he should seriously consider his health, and whether playing is that important.

Yes for sure I am surprised the league wide protocol hasn’t kicked in for the CFL to say the risk is too high .

Other players have had to move on since the disclosure of the high risks involved .

Sounds like Popp is fighting for his job. Losing a conditional 4th round pick is not a big loss. Could be upgraded to a 2nd rounder depending on playing time and extension.

Surprised! Didn’t see this one coming. The Riders must be really confident in Fajardo.

It’s a good trade for both parties. Collaros is closer to home, and the Riders at least get something in return…

At one time and especially when he was in his prime less all of the concussions, this would have been a great move.
In fact, I have said he should have been kept an Argo instead of letting him go to FA at the expenses of the elderly and over the hill Ricky Ray.

At this point he might be saying “I’m screwed already anyway” so might as well as bank as much as I can.


Except, I would bet the team has signed him to a minimal base contract and heavily laden based on games played?

Well, kudos to the Riders for getting a 4th round pick and management made things easy for their medical staff by trading Collaros.

As for the Argos, I have no idea what Popp is doing. You trade a 4th round pick for a QB that has had 2 significant head injuries in the last 12 months and really should not return to physical sport this season. Even if you overlook the head injuries, ignore what’s in the best interests of the player, and he passes your protocols so he gets back on the field this season, Collaros has become a below average the last couple of seasons and your offensive line is not good enough to keep him upright and from suffering another injury. There’s a reason Collaros was on an incentive heavy contract this year with the Riders. It’s not even about the desperation of being winless on the year, this move is a terrible one for the Argos.

You cannot be serious.

  1. You can’t take with it with you.
  2. You will spend all of it for medical care should you live to an average age, for which the odds are already against you.
  3. You won’t be a joy to be around for long.

I don’t believe you.

Hopefully, and one would think, he’s obtained his own medical opinion too and has decided with that information, which of course is private.

Season stop-gap until perhaps Franklin returns and if he has one more life in him?

That M.BT perhaps can be a solid garbage time backup at best should they be up by more than 28 with less than 3 minutes left. :frowning:

Somehow everytime I hear his name, I think fajitas.

Well, still less desperate than that M. B-T.

Although at one time I agreed he was the hot shot can’t miss prospect with the Esks, I have come to the realization the last nearly two years how Franklin is not the answer.
Neither is the current staff and definitely not Zach.

Way. To. Go. Zach we have been calling you.

See other thread too - should they have given Brandon Bridge a shot?

I would not continue playing but how else do you explain it?