Argos acquire WR Patrick Johnson

For a second round pick in the 2008 Canadian draft.
I guess I'm not the only one not impressed with the WR's Greg Mohns brought in to camp this year.
The Argos wouldn't be trading Canadian draft picks so early if this was not the case IMO.
But Patrick Johnson is a quality receiver with speed so he might turn out to be worth the price. His best days may be behind him at 31 years old however. I think it is a good move to get an experienced player as most of the newcomers looked pretty raw to me.
Johnson, Another NFL vet Frank Murphy and Todd Devoe could be the three newcomers starting the season to go with Arland Bruce and Tony Miles. Of course the season opener is 15 days away, so stay tuned.

With Talbot and especially Palmer having such a strong pre-season, the Canadian recievers in camp are going to have a tough time beating them out. If Cetoute makes the team, there could be just as many NI as I at the reciever position.

You're correct about the three Canadian receivers looking good. However...if Cetoute continues to look like he can play this year, which it appears he can,
I wonder if they are considering trading Talbot.
Palmer and Cetoute alternating at one WR spot with Heffernan as their backup and Brad Smith available behind him might be the way it plays out.
With the new SMS I think we are going to see more veterans released or traded if they are not a top line starter.