Argos Acquire Steven Jyles

8) The Toronto Argos have announced that they have obtained Bomber QB, Steven Jyles, in a trade today.
  The Argos will send Winnipeg their 1st. round draft pick (4th overall) , in the 2011 CFL Draft, along with a conditional

   pick in the 2012 Canadian Draft.

Blue team gets Jyles for the bummers' first round pick this year and another pick next year. I guess Buck's noggen has been deemed ok.

Jyles Stats 2010: 100.9 QB Rating, 19 TDs, 7 Picks, 2,804 Yards
Lemmon 2010: 78.1 QB Rating, 15 TDs, 19 Picks, 3,433 Yards

Copy cat 8)

not looking forward to MAYBE having to chace him around 3 times this year

the blue team should deffinetly start Jyles over Lemon, Cleo Lemon is a joke :lol:

I like it. This leaves Winnipeg without a proven backup to the routinely-injured Buck Pierce, and Toronto still does not have a top-tier starter.

8) Hey, I beat you by a minute !!! :wink: :lol:

Yea, well, I started mine first. It took longer to complete 'cause I looked up stats. So there, Statless. :cowboy:

Buck Pierce's head is never ok, theres no chance he even plays 12 games for them this season, bad decision by the Peg i think

Look out Cats we right up your tailpipe and in actual fact overtaking you for second place..

There was something wrong with LaPolice's head last year in making Buck the starter over Jyles. What are they going to do now if/when Buck's bell gets rung again?

Just where you guys belong - up a tailpipe.

8) Considering that Jyles is coming off shoulder surgery for a badly dislocated shoulder (his throwing arm), he may not last
   too long this season. 

    It was reported a few weeks ago that he won't be even able to throw a football untill April  !!

They're definitely a better team now, but they still need another good reciever to compliment Copeland. Bombers are screwed if Buck goes down (Which will likely happen).

All of a sudden the East is the beast again.


Anyway, I may be drinking right now, but ... I can't remember the last time that a CFL team acquired (by trade or FA) another team's back-up and successfully made him a starter out of camp. You'll note that I wrote "successfully," so I'm not counting Jason Mass or Buck Pierce here. Khari Jones left Damon Allen's shadow in BC for Winnipeg in 2000, but didn't take over there until mid season. Maybe that counts.

Good pickup for the Boatmen no question.

Poor Jyles has moved from the second worse team to play for to the very worst.

If he's healthy its a steal for the Argos and a huge gamble for Bummers. After Buck gets hurt, and he will, they go straight down to two backups with practically nil accumulated playing time.

A couple of picks for a potential starting QB.

Painfull to recall what Desjardins gave up for Rocky Butler (Flick and Smith) with moves like that and we wondered why the team wasnt going anywhere ?

Two quality starters for Rocky Butler.

One day it will be funny but its still too soon.

His career is done. He has made it to CFL Purgatory