Argos acquire Speller in trade with Bombers

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have acquired national offensive lineman Cody Speller, along with the 52nd overall selection in the 2021 CFL Draft, from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, it was announced on Wednesday.

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A rather sneaky move by the Bombers, as Speller, is going to become a free agent ,most likely because he couldn't reach a contract agreement with the Bombers. And that will mean The Argos either meet his demands or lose him. And All the Argos get is a move down the Draft by 4 picks in 6th round. I would say WIN for WIN-NIPEG , & a loss for AR-go-nuts !

So if the Argos aren't prepared to "meet his demands," some other team is sure to do so? This is an undrafted Cdn heading into his second full season in a league where pay cuts are happening across the board. He does not exactly have gobs of leverage. And dropping four spots in the sixth round is hardly likely to mean squat for either team. With the odd exception, sixth-rounders are camp fodder at best.

so why is this a sneaky move by Winnipeg? Surely TO has staff too

This a very good move for the Argos if they sign him and they must intend to do that if they gave up 1st round draft choice for the opportunity.

They didn't -- they swapped picks in the sixth round for the opportunity.

I don't know where I picked up the idea that they gave up a 1st round draft choice for this "opportunity" to sign Speller. I think this is an even better deal now. The opportunity cost of giving up a few spots in the lower end of the draft is almost zero for the chance to sign a young & established player before he becomes a free agent.

If the Argos can get him signed, I really like this move, as Speller can play at guard or centre. I'll think they'll need a centre with McEwen leaving for Calgary.