Argos acquire SJ Green from Als

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Someone for Ray (when healthy) to throw to (when healthy too).

Cost a sixth rounder this year and a conditional pick in 2018. Unsure of round.

Good for the Argos.

Looks like Popp and Trest are going after the guys they know they can go to war with.

Forget the injury. SJG is as good as they come.

Yup, I'm excited about it . . . but still concerned about the injuries.

When I said " forget the injury", I did not suggest, it would not be a concern.

I just mean, that when he comes back healthy he will be solid.

He might be a bit slower, but he will still be a force.

Remember, people focus on age. I would rather focus on experience.

I hear you, and agree. As an Argo fan, though, I'm tempering my excitement just in case. :thup:

Popp gave up nothing ! There is no down side to this trade. To make things worse Mavis paid him his spring bonus.

Even though he is on the down side of his career, this is a very good pick up and for really nothing in return.

Popp profiting and taking full advantage of his terrible Salary Cap Management. :?

Nik Lewis is not happy with this one

Nik Lewis?Verified account @nikel18 12m12 minutes ago

About 5 years too late, but whatever. They can release him later with not much harm done.

Which reminds me the SMS should be going up to a minimum $6M annually.
I hope this will be on the players association top agenda during the next discussion with the league.

Nik Lewis should just be glad he still has a spot.

Hey Nik. Sit ups son, sit ups.

Also, cut down on Mama Lewis's sweet potato pie.

If the post is real (I can't find it on any of the "Nik Lewis" twitter acoucnts that come up when Googled) his reaction could as easily be on the personal level as the professional.

It is at the bottom of this

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This is a joke of a trade, and another blantant star for a bag of beans trade. It's shades of the Ricky Ray trade all over again. You just got a hall of fame reciever for picks. Even if that conditional is a 1st round pick, this is lopsided.

So unless SJ Green is a broken shell after his injury, Toronto came out light years ahead on this one. If SJ due to his injury has become an average vet, then this trade will be about square.

I've always liked Green, goes up hard for the ball. If the knee is rehabing as well as they say, he is an excellent addition for the Boatmen for sure.

[i]This trade sucks! :x

Kavis Reed is the new Brendan Taman... :roll: So far, he has been bamboozled TWICE by Eric Tillman, and once by Jim Popp. :thdn: [/i]

Kavis Reed ????

Please sir, some respect.

That is Captain Consequences to Johnny.

If he keeps up this kind of work, he will be known as Captain CLOWNsequences! :smiley:

X2 ... class player.