Argos acquire rights to three, including Rogers, in trade with Stamps

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have finalized a trade with the Calgary Stampeders and have acquired the playing rights to wide receiver Eric Rogers, defensive lineman Cordarro Law, defensive back Robertson Daniel, Calgary’s sixth-round pick in the 2021 CFL Draft and their fourth-round pick in the 2021 Global Draft.

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I smell a big fat T.O. rat. Just like the Ricky Ray trade. Or was that a trade? Three quality players for 2 low level draft picks. Is the CFL really going down this road again. Most Torontonians don't even know they have a football team.

Thats not a trade, that's an equalization payment.

The once very proud Canadian Football League we once all knew, is quickly sinking as quick as the Titantic ! I always admired how they could produce the greatest show on turf, with very little payroll for the players. The 2021 season has not even begun, yet Excellent Managers like John Hufnagel have to unload two proven veterans Eric Rogers and Cordarro Law. I feel very sorry for the players and wonder about the future of the Grey Cup in our great country !

Quick answer to Bmckay; True most Torontonians do not know, problem is not that, it is that most CFL fans live in the "905" not in the "416" hence they stay home and watch on TV. Too far to drive downtown for a game when you got to work next day.

Another example of John Hufnagel playing 3D Chess , and the other 8 GMs playing checkers with half the pieces missing

These machinations are why the CFL is so interesting. I have been a fan of the league since 1962 and it is never boring. Whatever you think about the player movements, you have to give everyone a pass because of the pandemic. Personally, I will be seriously surprised if there are games in June or July so I am guessing that the teams are doing whatever they can to stay financially stable, if that is possible. We could probably use a prayer vigil for the 2012 season. Stay safe, everyone.

With no CFL season and zero revenue coming in, the Stamps are trying to save money. The Argos are owned by MLSE and don't need to make cuts, they can absorb the zero revenue coming in.

lol. Such an eastern mindset. Hilarious.