Argos Acquire QB Dalton Bell From Riders

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- The Toronto Argonauts Football Club acquired QB Dalton Bell from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for a fifth round draft pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft. Toronto originally acquired the draft pick from Saskatchewan in the deal that sent import OT Cliff Washburn to the ‘Riders.

Bell is a strong-armed quarterback who shattered passing records while playing in the Lone Star Conference for West Texas A&M. While there, he threw for career totals of 7,841 yards, 63 touchdowns and completed 699 of 1044 pass attempts (66.9%). Bell spent the past two seasons on the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ practice roster. He’s also had stops with the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

Remarked Adam Rita, GM/VP, Football Operations, Toronto Argonauts, “We feel very fortunate to obtain the playing rights of Dalton Bell. He’s a young quarterback with a bright future. He is a good candidate to come to Toronto and compete for a quarterback spot.?

Two years apprenticing and learning Canadian game. this guy will probably be challenging for the #1 or #2 spot!

Who? Looks like the Argos are serious about getting a good QB. :roll:

at some point in their careers most great qbs are nobodies, low on the depth chart. at least they are bringing in talent and starting fresh at qb... you never know who will turn out to be the next great one.. and really there is not a lot of talented veterans available right now.. unless your willing to trade proven talent.. seems both wpg and tor are going to try their luck with the unprovens and hope to find a durant

I saw nothing of the guy when he was here so I truthfully don't know much about him. The good thing for the Argo's is that he's been in the CFL learning the rules and the nuances of the game for 2 years now. They can't throw a raw rookie out there and expect to win games, so it's certainly a start.

Durant was a nobody at the start of 2008, who was the backup and 3rd string for a couple of seasons, they all have to start somewhere.

he really didn't see much time in regina. so i don't know whether this is a good/bad trade. the riders are set with durant so bell became trade bait.

know who is gonna be the back up in riderville?

Backup will likely be the winner of the training camp battle between Harrell and Bergquist(sp?)

My buddy in Regina, by chance, sat beside Harrell at a Rider game last season and was totally unimpressed.

My buddy said he came off like a cocky, no-it-all, punk-kid. Apparently he talked more about how much he liked tossing drunks out of the casino and all the money he was making there as a bouncer, than he did about his new career with the Riders in the CFL.

The other thing my friend said was that Harrell was texting on his cellophone for pretty much the whole game, and at the end of the game he told my buddy it was was the first live CFL game he had been too. You would think if it was his first game he would be trying to soak it all in and learn something.

I hope we didn't send the wrong guy to T.O.