Argos acquire James Franklin

My guess is Ricky Ray retires.

Sign them both to a 200,000 base salary plus time played. Trestman promises to get Franklin into just about every game to gain more experience. Then Ray retires to Coach in 2019 and Franklin’s salary jumps to 500,000 and full time starter.

Sounds simple to me.

I think this is close to what will happen.

If Ricky is not coming back, I would try to sign him to a multi year first string type deal to stay.
Why not, if for some reason it does not work just let him go since the football contracts are not guaranteed.
For what I have seen he should be a franchise player if he decides to stay in our league.

A la Wilkinson/Moon in the Esks' dynasty years. Great idea if they can make it work.

Nobody honestly thinks he’ll ever take a snap with the double blue, do they?

Riders have bridge.

With each passing day that his name isn't put to a double blue contract, the less likely he'll be an Argo next season.

Not good.

BOOM! He’s signed a 2-year deal!

Hopefully Ricky Ray returns as a backup/mentor/insurance.

Everything is falling in place. I still think Ricky is coming back for another season and will go from there. Franklin sounds like a nice young man who is content to learn from Trestman and Ray. But expect Trestman may well have told him that we will get you into as many games as possible even if Ricky is healthy. Ricky is always one hit away from missing some time, and if Franklin looks good early I can see them not rushing Ricky back from any big bumps and bruises. It will all work out.