Argos acquire James Franklin

OLineman to Edmonton for James Franklin.

Does this make it less likely that Collaros goes to Toronto?

Reading between the lines here, Ricky Ray must be close to announcing his retirement.

Toronto still has to sign Franklin to a contract, but if they do, you would think it will be for starter’s money (to convince Franklin to avoid free agency). If that happens, the only way Collaros goes to Toronto is as a backup.

A second, important inference that can be made here is that, by trading for Franklin, the Argos probably believe that Collaros (who will probably be cut by Hamilton soon, and who they could have pursued without giving up a player in a trade, like they just did for Franklin) is no longer a starting QB. That theory would back up what June Jones thought when he demoted Collaros in favor of Masoli.

One would have to think that there have been informal discussions with Franklin’s agent beforehand as to what it would take to sign him. Otherwise, there’s no way Argos give up a NAT O Lineman for him.

Yes, I would think so. It increases the odds of Argos landing someone else that they feel can start for them.

Maybe they tried to get Collaros and couldn’t get the deal they wanted from Hamilton. Or maybe they are confident Franklin’s price tag will be significantly lower.

I can’t imagine them employing both Collaros and Franklin next season. It is conceivable that they would employ both Ray and Franklin, although I don’t see why Franklin would agree to that in advance of the free agency period, short of a Trevor Harris-type deal where year 2 salary increases significantly.

A couple things come to mind here…

  1. Okay, Toronto is out of the running for the next guy probably… oh well, but Edmonton is back in for a potential veteran backup.

  2. Seem to recall Brandon Bridge was getting some NFL interest, probably doesn’t stay with the Riders this year.

  3. Kevin Glenn is only missing the Eskies on his CFL bingo card so maybe he fills that need from #1.

  4. Who’s Saskatchewan’s next move? Throw money at Masoli? Harris? Offer up something for Zach?

  5. Montreal is still woefully underserved at QB.

Still a very stress inducing pre-free agency time slot. yay 1+1 contracts…

(no real point here… just thinking out loud… or out typey i guess…)

David William Naylor?Verified account

50m50 minutes ago
Asked Argos GM Jim Popp if today’s trade means Ricky Ray has indicated to them he is leaning towards retirement: “Absolutely not.? #Argos

David William Naylor?Verified account
2h2 hours ago
Am led to believe the @TorontoArgos have had no discussions with James Franklin about a contract. So they have until mid-Feb to try and get something done. #Argos

So what did the Argos give up in this trade?
The rights for an O-Lineman picked in the second round last season.

What did Argos get?
a QB who is soon to be a FA and a 3rd round pick.
Not much of a price to pay.
If QB signs with the Argos as the heir apparent to Ray Argos have a bargain.
By all accounts Franklin did not want to stay in Edmonton and rightfully so with no clear path to the starters job.

And the Tiger Cats are waiting on Who? So they can shop Collaros to The Roughriders? Just for once I would like to the Cats make a great trade and the sooner the better now after the qb carousel has started.

They can’t trade Collaros without knowing that Masoli is going to re-sign. If they traded Collaros & Masoli started a bidding war for his services, we could be without a starter.

He will not sign with the Arblows unless they make him a starter.
All they have done is traded a 6'9" NAT Olineman for a 3rd and the right to negotiate before Feb. 14th

There in zero commitment for Franklin to sign in TOR.

Maybe they plan to sign and trade for zac?

Now now there is plenty of hand sitting, delaying and waiting around to be done.

Just curious what your idea of a great trade for Collaros is…

A solid Canadian offensive or defensive lineman. Or an early draft pick. What's your idea of a great trade?

No problem losing Zack and Jeromiah. We have Manziel according to some in this forum, remember!

And the Tiger Cats are waiting on Who? So they can shop Collaros to The Roughriders? Just for once I would like to the Cats make a great trade and the sooner the better now after the qb carousel has started.
Collaros, is untradable and if you know anything about how his negotiations went with the Argos, you will realize unless a team was willing to pickup his ridiculously fat Tillman made contract, he will hit free agency and go play where he wants. Collaros preference is to stay East. I suspect Toronto or Montreal is where his agent will shop him first. Not sure there will be any takers at the asking price.

It was Austin that gave Collaros the "ridiculously fat"Contract,
Tillman was Director of U.S. Scouting and U.S. Pro Personnel at the time

I should have rephrased the question. What do you feel he’s worth?

A solid lineman would mean Zach is still a starting qb. According to many on this forum he’s an 0-8 QB who can’t run and is a shell of his former self.

He’s set to make huge money that he’s nowhere near worth and can wait it out and become a free agent.

If the above is true we are lucky to get ANY draft pick. Much less a high one. And a national lineman would be a steal. (According to this forum).

You (generally speaking) can’t have it all. This forum can’t ask the Ticats to toss Zach aside because he’s terrible and overpaid but in the same breath want trade value for that same guy not good enough to play for us of all teams.

Crash , you are a very wise person, indeed . The Cats are in a great position as far as quarterbacks are concerned . We have 2 good, experienced guys and neg list player who could be something or a trade asset . Patience is required at this point of the season .

Pat Lynch ( the old guy who remembers a really bad trade in 1965: Cdn, Receiver Ken Neilsen to the Peg for Cloyd Webb, a 6'6" American wideout . Neilsen had a 5 year outstanding career as two time CFL all star, three time West all star and CFL Canadian player of the year . Webb had a cup of coffee in Hamilton . Here endeth the lesson. )

I prefer to deal in reality. Thanks anyway.