Argos Acquire Canadian LB Bo Lokombo

looks like a very good deal for argos

If they can sign him it’ll be great. If not, well, we give up a very low draft pick.

i didnt realize he was a free agent

He is, but I’m hopeful he’ll sign with the Argos. It seems that trading for that head start on FA negotiations usually works.

seems the clemons is really revamping the defence

i still hold out hope for argos signing brandon bridge …

Could happen, but I doubt it. They’ve got MBT, Prukop, and O’Connor . . . and I think they’ll sign Nichols.

I see Nichols as starter with MBT as back up. Then Prukop and O’Connor competing for third stringer (likely a PR spot this year?).

It appears there’s going to be a glut of former starting QBs whose careers have declined on the market this year in Bridge, Franklin, Jennings, Pipkin, Davis (maybe). I think there’s a very good chance all four of those names will be out the league this year.

no no not macbeth … he is NOT the 2nd coming of calvillo nor ricky ray
just a slow old white man with a poor arm

and i was done w/ franklin when in 2018 he gave a 1/2 time tsn interview in which he said he was ‘happy’ all the while his team [of which he was on field qb] was losing

I think MBT has a solid arm. He doesn’t always make the best reads, but I’d be happy enough with him as backup.

I’d like to see what he can do on a team that doesn’t give up as many points as the 2019 Argos did. Give MBT more leads and I think he doesn’t make as many mistakes trying to force plays so often.

solid arm ?

how many throws did he not make going downfield ?

easy to get near 70% completion rate when u throw 3 yd passes on 2nd and 8
defences will give u that one for a quick 2 n out
an if qb is old and slow to run… defences like that even more
also sacks/fumbles/3 yd runs by qb dont go against his completion rate

even simple ANALytics will tell u that

Not sure how many he did not make, but he made enough that I’m confident in his arm strength.

Again, I’d like to see him with a team that isn’t consistently trying to overcome large leads from the opponents. It’s much easier to cover deep routes when you know the offense has to push it deep to try to climb back in the game.

2 n outs are a really great way to fall behind in a game

macbeth cannot lead a team to victory
he gets a pat on the head from coaches cause he does exactly what coaches tell him to do

I’m not convinced about MBT one way or the other. He might not be able to lead a team to victory, but he also might.

He wasn’t able to lead the 2019 Argos to many victories, but the 2019 Argos were weak in many facets of the game. He doesn’t always make the best reads, but he has a strong arm.

That’s why I’d rather have someone else as the starter but I’d feel OK about MBT as the backup. In fact, if we get Nichols as starter ahead of MBT, I might go as far as saying that the Argos would have the best backup in the league. [Edit that: second th Hamilton]

John Murphy was a guest on the Rod Pedersen show recently. Murphy said that if the Argos played Collaros last season, it would not have been a fair indication of his (ZC) performance due to the Argos situation. However, what some posters don’t get, is MBT had to play in that same offence all year long.

do u have a link to that show
i couldn’t find it

i watched macbeth throw a lot of incomplete passes down the field
in particular a pass attemtp to #19 in the middle of the filed wide open and he would have walked in for a td

i watched quite a few time that macbeth took argos out of a fg try with a sack or fumbling the ball away
even on a few td attempts too

he’s just not cut out to be a leader
how many times did he throw to #87 - possibly best receiver in the league ?

having macbeth on argo team sends the message to other players that following orders is more important winning
i hope the argo braintrust is listening
send both macbeth and franklin packing - save $ for someone else or just start prukop but wok him hard
hell even sign bridge - both he and prukop would make for a great 1-2 combo
helping blocking/off line as both are mobile

The show can be found on You Tube, sorry I don’t have a link. So, let me get this straight. .you like players who do not to listen to their coaches?

Why do I even bother???

i like players who win games - especially qb’s
just dont think macbeth is even a good backup
he has a good arm for 3 yd throws

i humbly stand corrected

i hardly think that coaches told macbeth to get sacked, or fumble or throw incompletions/incompletions deep
and not only lose td attempts but to lose fg attempt
and to ignore #87 in 1st half of season so often

i dont think they liked all those ‘2 n outs’ but w/ chappy who knows … lol

Here's a reminder about the kind of arm MBT has. Check out those TD tosses to Walker!

[url=]All 2019 Touchdowns | Here is every 2019 Argos Touchdown in a single video. | By Toronto Argonauts Football Club | Facebook

gee and only 4 wins ? … lol

found this

Interesting chart. They’ve got to get a run game going this season. We’re way too predictable on offense last year.

Lokombo to the Argos was a surprise. Good Canadian LB but was also outstanding later in the season at safety. Must have been a Salary Cap issue in Montreal. Lokombo wasn’t on Montreal free agent list so should be under contract for 2020.