Argo's about to release some players: bring em to Hamilton

How about "Scratch and Dents"? :lol:

(Wilf) Quote....'Many of these players are likely in the twilight of their careers..'

Too true...In the twilight, but maybe still possessing skills. But, are these the players we would want in a rebuilding scenario?

This is only my opinion, Wilf, but I feel that you can't build a good football team on youngsters alone. I really think you need some veterans to compliment these young guys and hopefully, to show some team leadership.

Ado Annie is one of my favourite Broadway characters!

I agree....'youngsters alone' is not a good foundation.

But, what is available...youngsters, players in their prime, seasoned veterans, players in the twilight of their careers.

The best combination..???..probably a wise mix of all levels. But who decides what that mix is? Well, it all depends on the skills that each individual brings to the field. And so we're back to putting it in the hands of Desjardins and Taaffe.
But, if a main consideration this year is building a foundation for the future, I would rather see them concentrate on the promising youngsters rather than the TWILIGHT crew.

(I identified more with Curly myself)

"Curly" from the 3 stooges, Wilf? :oops: :lol:

Sorry, Ron. I was never a fan of the Three Stooges. Call it a lack of sophistication on my part.

No, Curly was the hero in Oklahoma!, Jud was the villain. Tough choice, but I think I got it right.