Argo's a weak-chin team

Take it from me these guys are nothing more then useless.

u are a moron.

its true their best players are gezzers(no offence)they need to focus on younger players

Tell that to our record and our recent grey cup ring

And what the heck is weak-chin supposed to mean anyways?
Its the third time he has said that and never came back bo back up his claims!

unles he made thatword up

I am saying T.O are cowards ALL OF THEM FROM THE LEAFS TO THE JAYS including the argos that's right Argos. All are weak-chin and is a disgrace. All i want to see in the summer is teams smash some argos.

DM, why do you have to do this? don't be a pick!

He still hasen't said what weak chin is

Weak-chin means these Blue and blue guys take it to the chin. They are nothing useless like the Leafs.

I have to agree with drumming god.