Argos a dirty team

Just watched the Argos loose to the Lions.

Not a fan of both teams but the 1 thing I could not help but notice was how the ARGO's we often making the late hits and also the type of licks which were meant to injure.

I noticed this last year too.

Lot's of fights too.

Argo's are a dirty team

I wouldnt call the Argos a DIRTY team. I would just call them a Team. Because whenever I see the Argos in scrums, like the one in BC. Its always the Argonaut, who is retaliating for his own teammate. Once there is a cheap shot to your teammate, you should normally step in and give the guy a shot to let them know that your gonna back him up. It helps your team gain confidence, knowing that their teammates has their backs.

So no, in my opinion, the Argos are NOT dirty.

Dirrrty like christina aquilera.... Late hits on dickenson everywhere though the fight I wasn't to sure about but yeah they do go for late hits on QB's

There were a bunch of submarine hits which seems to get overlooked in the game today...

It seems players are trying to hurt people with highlight hits and the Argos were doing a lot of this...

Go Gades!

for people who are NOT ARGOS fans you sure love to write about them...............even at their own site.

come out of the closet.

Just a fan of the game...

I think that Robert Baker should be cut from the team after his display of un sportsmanship that he put on last night. He can claim all he wants that he was spit on but from where I was sitting he was looking for a fight on the previous play. Then he flips the fans the bird after a TD and tosses the ball back on the field as play is about to start. Man I don’t think I will ever take my kids back to see that again. Pinball you should be ashamed of your self for not sending him packing. I had respect for you until last night.

Rock... I am ahamed that you would lay any blame on Pinball. You do not know what Pinball is going to do about it, or what he had to say to Baker. If you stop going to the games, then you are just another non- fan, looking for any excuse not to go down to the stadium. I will always be there, and will be there to boo Baker if he shows up.

ArgoFan1... I will be at every game but I may not let my kids go if that is what they will see. I was there and was a witness to what pinball did at the time of the incident and pinball let him back on the field the very next play. That was wrong in my mind and in many more fans that watched this little boy through a temper tantrum. And today Little boy Baker got 1 game…. Big deal. I am ashamed that you would back somone that would let that go on

It’s totally ridiculous not to take kids to a game because of that. There are guys out there hitting people at full speed on every play. It’s a violent game. Your kids would be exposed to a lot worse than bakers punch. Something like that, they probably would never even notice anyway. As far as what Pinball did, I have to let him handle the matter in his way. I trust that he will always do what is best for the team. I did not think Baker should go back in, but I do not know the whole situation like coach Pinball does. Take your kids to the games. Something like this only happens once in a lifetime. I have never seen it in a regular season game ever.

Hello Argo fans, rider fan here. Clearly your all missreading the situation, the true culprit is obvious - Prefontain (SP?)!!!! Getting in the face of Baker like that, what was he thinking? The solution? It's obvious, Argo fans need to e-mail, write letters, start petitions what ever it takes to have Prefontain shipped to Regina for Paul Macallum who I garuntee will never instigate confrontations with other players.

I'm sure Mcallum would sit quietly and hope no body would notice.I think Pinball handled the situation well ,on tsn Baker was very apoligetick and seemed sincere .I think your team handled a bad situation very good

I said dirty… I meant stoopid and dirty…

Yeah Freak, I agree with you, but there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of Toronto trading Prefontaine for McCallum even up.

Their not DIRTY they are just a tough team to play and the players stick together.

I think every team has their dirty players, in T.O you could say Fletcher and England are a little on the "dirty side" and in Edmonton Gass and Montford, in Hamilton Belli, in Montreal its Philion, in Saskatchewan you could argue Hunt is a little dirty. B.C there is Carl Kidd. All teams have players who are dirty, and it reflects on the rest of the team.

After watching the second meeting between the Lions / Argos, all I can say it the Argos are a bunch of sore losers and a bunch of whiny babies and cheap shot artists.

.......okay but what is your real opinion..........

.......but seriously backer, maybe having some examples to back up your statement would help the argo fans see your point, without that all you're going to get is retaliatory comeback.......

Did you watch the last seconds of the game? :arrow: I call that a back up

R&W, wish the game was televised. Examples - O'Shea has O'Mahoney pinned to the ground with a knee to his throat for at least a minute , Lions were taking a knee and O'Shea takes a run at Singh and takes shots at his head and Adrion Smith comes in and rips Singh's helmet off and the Argo start throwing punches.

All this because the Argos were losing.