Argos 7-5 easy!

ok...the ticats are pathetic, so should just forfit their next 2 games to toronto....but even if they don't forfit, the argos will still take 2 from them as easily as taking candy from a baby.

so that moves the argos to 7-5.

and the Als play the lions, who could win both games, dropping the Als to 7-5.

and the bombers will probably split with the riders AT BEST making them 6-6, or even 5-7.

so the argos will possibly find themselves in a tie for top spot in the east.

Hamilton could surprise you guys they only lost by 3 to montreal and they beat wpg as well so you never know dont get to overconfident

Have you seen Hamilton lately?

6-5 today!

like taking candy from a baby..haha

Hamilton hung pretty tight until the fourth quarter...I'm kinda hoping the Cats get hot (after SAturday, of course)

i picked up a pair of tickets for the rematch...only reason im goin, is for the damon allen tribute a CFL fan, i wouldnt want to miss that.

anyone know is ricky williams is starting, with avery injured, or is JJ getting the nod?

pretty sure williams is still injured, best bet is that JJ will prob start.

ok, thanks.

So do the Argo fans still want to fire Pinball?

the only one who wants pinball fired is ro1313, a montreal fan.

well...that was the most boring game ever.

but i was right, 7-5.

I know, drumkit. An 11-9 final with no one reaching the end zone? With a score that low, I thought Spergon had gotten the start and not Damon; of course, those 3 picks in the first half by #9 played a huge factor. I guess the pre-game ceremony threw him off his game.

But now, a bye week to recharge and beef up the playbook before the back-to-back home-at-homes with the Stamps and the Eskies.

I think Toronto was already on thier bye week thinking Hamilton would roll over.

Toronto better forget about this week and get the offense rolling for Calgary. It's not like they didn't have the chances, they just couldn't finish. They actually played a lot like Hamilton tonight. The defense is really solid. With the addition of Parker, it's the best in the league. If the offense can just dot their t's and cross their i's, Toronto can really be hard to beat come November.