I know im gunna get alot of ppl gettin pissed off at me 4 sayin this one...but who agrees with me when I say...ARGOS GREY CUP CHAMPIONS 2006

im rite wit u man... and y would n e 1 get fukin pissed off wen we say that... were deffending champs.. until some1 beats us in the playoffs itll b that way all yea long

It will be hard to do again…they are the defending champs and every one will be after them.

HOWEVER…they have that winning team back…and if they can stay almost injury free…2006 CHAMPS…sounds good to me.

Sounds good, although the 2006 Grey Cup Champs will be crowned NEXT season.

Therefore it won't be Defending.

But there's a great possibility. The Argos have a great team, but can they repeat and defeat, The Ti-Cats, Alouettes and Lions again?

We'll see tonight, you start the season off with a very tough opponent.

Take care guys.

I will agree as long as "The Outlaws" start grabbing balls. There were too many dropped and that is not going to win games. The defence can only do so much.

........the only balls your 'inlaws' will be grabbing friday will be the ones in their pants after Coe and Grace smack a few of your pretty-boys around........welcome to Cowtown double-blueballs.......

Hey Red and White
After this weekend you will have to change your name to Black and Blue because our Defence is going to make the Stamp Pads look silly

........ :smiley: ........alright, some smack-activity on the horizon..........wouldn't want a colour clash on the TSN coverage so the Argonauts blood will blend into our new jerseys quite you think Allen will need oxygen at our altitude here?..........

Mr Allen has been here,there and every where and will have no problem with your altitude. Now as for Burris he will look like he did when he was with Sashatchewan meaning his jersey will be green from the grass because he will be sacked at least 3 times

.........edmonton has grass, McMahon has turf so pretty doubtfull Burris will get any green on his duds unless it's the green boogers that'll fly outta yer D-lines noses from being hit from the freight train that is our offensive line.......(gotta apologize for the crappy similies, the AC is on in my office and my fingers are damn near freezing off, musta froze my brain too)..........actually, I think this is going to be a big game for both teams, TO to rebound off the loss to BC and for my club to show the off-season acquisistions were worth the money..........I expect a hard fought game, low scoring and down to the wire.......good luck argonuts.....may the best team win.......

and may the worst team lose red and white

The only way Toronto will win the grey cup again is if Calvillo gets injured again in the eastern final. If he didn't get injured the argos wouldn't have won the grey cup.

So how did the ARGOS beat …B.C…as well?

And how did …B.C. get to the GREY CUP…? :wink: