Argos 3rd down fake versus Sask?

As Forde and Black pointed out, it was 3rd and 9, so even with a clean snap there would be little probability of success.

Did the coaches have plans for the evening they didn't want overtime to interfere with?

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Just wanted to show a little schoolyard ball.

VERY interesting theory...

Perhaps the boatmen are now shooting for the first pick in the draft, and are practicing their Oskee wee wees for the WInnipeg game.... oh yeah, we are discussing Canadian draft picks in this other thread

No... I lean to the Proline Sports commercial explanation that the centre had some muscle relaxants dumped in the gatorade just before that third down snap.....

any other theories?

Oskee wee wee (getting ready for next year!)

As an Argo fan there is only one explaination for that decision...stupidity, pure & simple. I will not buy any sugar coated reason for trying that.

Fans will remember that when tickets go on sale next season...

Who ever made that decision should have their pinkslip handed to them this morning. Third and 9!!! Yeesh!!! And how about that direct snap on the punt? What a bonehead call and even worse execution.

An Argo-Cat fan

In this morning’s Toronto Star the Don is quoted as saying the decision was on him, he takes responsibility. I don’t think he’ll be back next year anyway.

I was at the game last night...wearing my Ti-Cat colours of course.

Before the play I had a heated discussion with some Argo friends. I said Matthews has a huge ego and will try a fake. I few expletives deleted later my pals had to admit I was right after seeing what transpired on the field.

On the play 3rd and 9...if your gonna fake...throw the ball.

I loved the hilarity of it all!

'The Don' said on TheFan590 radio that the Riders
had scored 21 points on them in the 4th quarter

so he gambled on 3rd down with a play
that they had practiced all week

to keep the ball so that the Riders
wouldn't have a chance to score again

I believe his intention was that they would
at least be able to get the game into overtime

or possibly score themselves.

Que sera sera.

Or is it as simple as the fact that the Argos are out of the playoffs, so Don wanted to take some chances seeing as there is nothing to lose. I wish we would have done some more things like that last week, have some fun, take some chances, might as well, your out of the playoffs. Who knows, maybe you get the first down and the fans have something to cheer about, if you don't, no big deal, it was a nothing game anyway. I completely agree with the call, and you are blowing it way out of proportion.

^^^^ It was a big deal to the players. It was a brutal call and you always coach/play to win, unless the next Ray Elgaard is in next years draft, which he aint and in the history of the CFL draft the best player is usually not the guy picked first.

I was pretty p***ed about that call. But on my long drive home it actually made sense.
Defense had already given up 21 points in the quarter. Only real chance they had was to take the
chance and try and make the yardage. At least, that is the rationalization that helped cool me get to sleep.

They are looking more and more like the Argo's of the 70's.

I love it.

I believe it would have been a good call if the was 2 or 3 for the first down. I like the eliment of surprise.
The snap was a bit high and if the tailback was able to catch that snap I believe the Pink Team would have made the 2 or 3 yards. Not so sure 9 yards. Most often you need to throw for that type of yardage.
Nonetheless, it was the Pink Team and sadly enough they were acutualy playing to win. The Roughies were lucky to win the game with Bishop attempting to see if he could break the most interceptions thrown record in one game.

The only fake worse than the one during 3 and 9 is the fake coach that The Blue Team had been using for the past 8 games... I never liked him.