Argos 3 game Flex Packs now on sale

Argos have announced 3 game flex packs for games at BMO - and it looks like you can choose any 3 games - including the Cats three visits (including the one pre-season game.)

I just bought 2 in Section 205 - got the Home Opener against the Ticats, the Ottawa game and the 2nd visit by the Ticats in September

I will definitely be going to at least 1 game there this season. I've never been to BMO before, so it should be interesting.

It will be much better watching a game there, then at the Rogers Center!!

I'm hoping so. Football is meant to be played outside. Weather is a great and dynamic aspect of the game.

Are you able to choose your seats? I took a look and it seems the seats are assigned to you.

No you choose your section and the seats are assigned, it’s the same in Ottawa when I got the mini-package there too.
It was also the same for the Ticat Flex Pack last year, I didn’t have a choice I got the East side facing the sun but wanted the West side. You are given what’s set aside for season ticket/flex packs.
For BMO I chose section 205 and got row 13, I was in that section for a TFC game last year, shouldn’t have to worry about the sun or rain under that roof. For Ottawa I chose the new South side upper deck and got row 12.