The ARGOS looked very good in beating , HAMILTON. Hamilton , was very , very close to a sell out. :thup:

RAY and BURRIS only played 1 quarter each. Both teams looked vastly improved so far.

What stood out for me, particularly, was the play of the two rookie QBs, Harris and Collaros.

If I was Jarious Jackson, I'd be thinking I'd better step up my game in the second preseason game, or I might be on the street looking for work. . .

I agree.

While I concede that Jackson didn't look good yesterday, keep in mind that Harris and Collaros were facing Hamilton's 3rd and 4th stringers. I'd be interested to see what they can do against 2nd stringers.

Thought that Harris threw the ball really well. Seemed very comfortable would be interesting to see what he could do against a 1st string defense. JJ will be the 3 and 1 QB this season, Similar to McPherson in Montreal.

was impressed with Harris for sure. had some zip and his leadership skills cant be taught. It's a shame you guys went out and go Ricky Santos tho, what does that mean?

OP: hamilton season ticket holders,all 18000 or so of them got 10 free buddy vouchers for the game, the fact that it was almost a sellout and not an actual sellout when you give 10 free passes to season ticket holders says more than the fact that it almost was.

18000 season ticket holders given 10 free tickets to the game and still not sold out? if that happened in winnipeg or regina or anywhere, possibly even toronto, the lineup would probably be out the door.

Almost a sellout when that many tickets are given away isn't that impressive but good none the less, just dont think people should be like "wow, almost a sellout". yeah well, when you give 10 passes to ticket holders in a stadium that holds what?28000 people and its not sold out? think about it.. 18,000 x 10 = way more than 28,000.

10 x 18,000 = 180,000 so i dont think every season ticket holder got 10 tickets ?? The place ony holdes 30,000 not 180,000 :roll:

P.S. Ricky Santos tookalmost no snaps as a qb the last several years. LOL

Great point. :wink: