ARGOS 25 , ALS 20 : 2nd pre-season game

There were 36,000+ at the game. :rockin:

RAY , played 1 quarter but looked awful :thdn: . HARRIS , looked great once again. :thup:

The ARGOS scored 2 defensive T.D.s. A blocked kick for a T.D. and a Montreal fumble return for a T.D.

ARGOS go 2 - 0 , in the pre-season. :rockin:

NICE , I was there !! :thup: It looked Great ! Lets keep it up for the regular season, attendance that is :lol:

and amazingly, the Argos are 2-0 with a subpar Ray.

This team should be a contender once Ricky hits his stride.

I heard the atmosphere at the RC was a stark contrast to the ambiance from last season.
A few more games like this, and the Argos may once again be the toast of the town. :thup:

Hamilton is also looking good.

I think that the battle for 1st in the East will be those 2 teams.

certainly quite possible sadargofan...

although, I do anticipate that spots 1-4 in the East may be decided in the last 1-2 weeks of the season.