Argos 2018 Schedule

They have the perfect Schedule, only one Thursday game, One Friday game and the rest are Saturdays.

How good is that?

I will get in at least 3 this season.

I did miss last season for the first time in 7 years..

But we would not ask for a better schedule

Speaking of Thursday night games, general consensus is that most season ticket holders don’t like them because of the inconvenience of a game mid week, later night, work the next day, travel to games etc etc.

At his road trip, Ambrosie shared that TSNs highest viewership comes on Thursday nights. More Thursday night games with higher ratings means more TV revenues for the teams. Ambrosie has asked some teams to incorporate Thursday night games into their schedule willingly - to grow this opportunity.

Ambrosie again GILDS the Lily . He needs to stop that kind of behaviour . If they want Thursday games have TSN compensate properly for the smaller crowds . Why promote something one way then have the audacity to promote moving the season back for the exact opposite .

Don't like anybody who talks out of both sides of their mouths . They are just a cheap salesman . I am losing more confidence him every time he speaks .

He got a couple standing ovations last Saturday from the packed house at his Road Show Q&A in Regina. While standing in the brand new $300 million stadium built by Rider Pride and speaking with a group of season ticket holders who purchase every last available season ticket annually. Despite not preferring Thursday night games ( for reasons mentioned earlier), most fans who were present Saturday still understood the business opportunity within the world of TSN viewership that it may present. As such, they felt it was worth it.

But hey, that’s just here. Maybe the very deep Argos fan base knows what it takes to grow the league. I’m being sarcastic, obviously. I think the league needs to challenge the status quo and Ambrosie seems to want to do that. I remember when Thursday night NFL games arrived and I thought it was useless. Turns out I was watching them soon. Same with TV CFL games on Thursday. I watch them, despite criticizing them earlier. Seems like a great opportunity to grab more TV revenues.

Well Iconic if the league was 9 Rider fan bases things would be peachy and roses .

The stadium was built by rider fans nothing to do with Ambrosie . I have never heard him say anything worth a standing ovation .

He deserves no credit for anything yet except getting rid of the second challenge . That I give him credit for but nothing else yet worthy of praise .

I want him to do better for the league but if Thursdays are bad for people going to the games in Rider land why bother moving the season back for the Riders .
That is some dumb thinking especially when there is no new money for that Thursday Night Deal .

In Ottawa Thursdays are the worst attended and I will go out on a limb in the East as well as everywhere else so why do something without adequate compensation that's just dumb leadership .

I’m hoping you will give the man a chance. Your support is important. He seems to be very capable and knowledgeable and wants to grow this league.

Ambroise was not in place when the weekly Thursday night games were put in. It's an initiate with TSN that happended shortly after the extension was announced. I don't even think Orridge was in power when these arrangements were made.

As it relates to the Argos schedule. They have the biggest need for improvement at the gate so it's good they have consistency for once. The Thursday and Friday games were their smallest crowds last year. Best schedule in decades for them.

I am open minded as he seems a decent guy but if I was running the league I would do it equitable .

The idea is unpopular so I would have all 9 teams have one Thursday home game each for 9 weeks in the summer so to spread the ill will around but before I do that I want TSN to understand that my teams need to be compensated accordingly .

Ottawa and Hamilton received two Thursdays each in 2018 .

In Ottawa we have one afternoon game in the Fall and these games are very popular as long as it's not raining and I think elsewhere around the league as well
. We want the old traditional times again when the fall arrives .

Is he working on that ? If it's about the fan like he says this should not be an issue .

IIRC, Androsie wants to focus on the Thursday night games that would likely draw the highest TV ratings, plus teams were asked to participate vs being dictated to participate is how I understood it. Rationale being that spiking the TV ratings would lead to more teams wanting to host Thursday night games, and be part of the mix. I see it could hurt some walk up sales and as said earlier - this will take some tweaking.

Actually just go with the one game, yes a second one is to be scheduled, but go with only one

When did you criticize Thursday night CFL games? The league has had them for decades. This is not like the NFL where they were a brand new thing a few years ago.

got my tickets renewed

116 row 7, seat 28

I always preferred mid week games. A nice break during the work week. I'm an Argo die hard, so makes no difference to me when the games are. It is only 10 days out of a year that you get to go to a game, and you have months to plan.

You are the exception, most Argo fans have been fighting to get the Saturday afternoon games.
We should see the results after this season to see if this schedule this year increased attendance.

What, no Wednesday night games or Mondays in Hamilton?

Did the Weebles not displace them for any game?

I guess the schedule makers and the Argos decided to try something new and design a schedule that might actually grow the fanbase?

Neat idea :wink:

Welll... a lot hollered for a new stadium and weekend games. This is what they got last season, and the attendance was dismal. People in Toronto have excuses for everything. I say there are no valid excuses. It is 10 days out of 365 that you get an Argo home game. If you were a real fan, you would go.

Well said

Something the CFL might consider is a weekend package deal including games in both Toronto and Hamilton on the same weekend. It’s a gobsmacking CFL experience to watch games in each city on the same weekend. Add a visit to the Hall of Fame as part of the promotion. Not for every taste, granted, but to a CFL diehard, it’s awesome. This was the way to get your fill of football, Canada-style, when Ottawa lost its teams. For cities without teams, it’s an awesome way to catch some CFL football.
Always look for Toronto and Hamilton home games on the same weekend, then book your ticket. You won’t be sorry, ever.