Argos 2017 Schedule

They have a great Schedule this season, no reason the fans cannot turn out. Only one game on a Monday.

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TORONTO – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club unveiled their 2017 schedule today.

The Argos’ 2017 season kicks off at home in rivalry fashion against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday, June 25 at 4:00 pm, one of seven weekend games to be played at BMO Field this season, nearly twice as many as last year.

“This schedule reflects feedback we received from our fans throughout last season,? said Michael Copeland, Argos’ President & CEO. “It has more weekend games, more consistency, and is a competitively balanced schedule for our football team. We are excited for this new season at BMO Field.?

Now we just need a GM, coach, QB, OL, RB, LBs, DBs.....plan is coming together nicely.

Copeland said “This schedule reflects feedback we received from our fans throughout last season,?
I think it had more to do with the fact that BMO Field was not ready until the end of May and they had to try to schedule 26 games, 17 TFC and 9 Argo games into 20 weeks. This year it means scheduling 26 games into 30 weeks, even with the extra dates TFC still has a few Wednesday night games. I don't think fan input had much to do with it.

Probably best for Copeland to just say “this 2017 schedule should work really well for our fans and we’re really excited about it” and leave it at that.

To say, “This schedule reflects feedback we received from our fans throughout last season,? implies that they (Argos front office) had something to do with the moronic slate of games last year, and now they’re fixing it because of fan feedback!

The Argonauts sent out a survey about scheduling to season ticket holders so I'm sure they used that feedback when requesting dates and times with the CFL schedule maker.

I’m sure it was all about MLSE giving the CFL the TFC schedule and asking them to fill in as many vacant Saturday afternoon games and Friday night. The only fan input may have been the preference for 4PM start time on Saturdays.


The schedule is much better but let's not reach for the stars in 2017. If they maintain, with less marketing, the crowds of 2016, I will be happy.

Disagree. They wouldn't waste their time with survey if they weren't going to use the results.

If they can maintain after a Grey Cup year and the first year shine of BMO, then it would have to be seen as a positive of sorts even if 16,000/game is easily the lowest in the league. However, I'd hope the team would learn a thing or two about selling tickets after having a year of experience under their belts and a full off-season to sell. Certainly, though, their football-ops moves to date are not going to be a big selling point.

We'll have to wait and see how the new sched and everything plays out, but yeah expecting sell-outs at this point would be foolish.

I know the 4PM Saturday start was preferred by the fans. I went to a couple of games last season that were 7:30 PM start and fans were leaving in droves to catch the 10PM train and that was the end of the 3rd quarter.

It's certainly more appealing to fans like me who live an hour or more outside of Toronto.

Most ot the 7:30 starts were mid week. Even during the summer, people have to work the next day.

Even Sundays 4pm starts after Labour day, people like mulyself would leave after the 3rd as it's a school night. There's a reason why the Jays play at 1pm on the weekends for most games.

We had a poll on Argofans after the survey went out for a small sample and Saturday at 4pm was by far the most popular followed closely by Saturdays at 7pm. Hence the back end of the schedule seems to reflect the survey.

We prefer 4 PM to 1 PM as it allows for a better Tailgate experience.

But TFC play most of their games on a Saturday at 7PM and don't seem to have a problem with attendance.
They also don't seem complain about the Wednesday night games either and sitting outside in the cold weather in April/May. I imagine that is a milleniall thing, the 20 somethings can stay out late and sit in the cold.
I think the 7PM TFC games also allows Jays fans to get to BMO
Argo fans are an older crowd and not interested in sitting in the cold or staying out past 9PM

TFC fans are more local to the stadium while it's my belief Argos are more popular outside the inner core of Toronto hence they can usually get away with the week day crowd . Just a different fan base for now until they can win over a few more milennials especially the ones migrating from the rest of american football friendly burgs that like the CFL brand or will give it a chance and have a enjoyable night out gathering with friends no matter where they are from originally .

Yes TFC playing their games at 7pm on Saturdays is ideal and it helps with attendance. Hence it's not a weeknight and people are not inclined to leave early. Plus soccer is s shorter game to play so unless the home side is getting blown out, there's no reason to leave early.

The 7pm games, especially in the summer avoids having the lower east side exposed to the sun which is not covered by the canopy. Even the Centennial Classic was delayed due to the sun. Hence my vote was for Saturday at at 7 instead of 4.

Saturday at 4 is great. Going in, one can avoid the Jays crowd and enjoy the tailgate. Afterwards, you avoid the Leaf's crowd (at least 2 games would overlap) and, if you want, there's still time to go downtown for more evil. :wink:

During the summer, perhaps a little later starting time, to avoid the Jays altogether (no Leafs to worry about), and let the attendees enjoy the party before the game. Maybe 6-ish.

Apparently the majority of the Argonauts season ticket base lives in the 905 portion of the GTA, not sure if that is the case for TFC too.