Argos' 2010 Schedule

Major League Baseball has just released a tentative regular season schedule for 2010. (Blue Jays)

The Argos and Jays played concurrently 7 times this year. I’m not sure if that’s more or less than usual, but it’s almost half of the schedule.

The Argos are head-to-head with Toronto FC twice in 2009 (this weekend and next.) That would make up the half.
It looks like the MLS schedule is announced in January.

if the argos were smart, they would play every game on saturday afternoons, it makes easier for fans to plan a weekend, its easy to go home and not worry about missing the last go train, because you have the rest of the day to yourself, the argos should have every home game on saturdays @ 2pm, and even throw in a discount for go train tickets.

I posted something over at friendsoftheargonauts about this, go over to that fourm and you'll see the free dates over the summer -

we are looking at 3 home games again in October with a home game in November probably again.

1 Home game in September and No labour day rematch -
Canada Day is open at the Dome, so we can look at having the Canada Day Season opener at the dome.