Argos 2005 eastern champs

Let me be the first to congratulate the Argos on the win
The Als choke again.

You know, I usually hate endzone showboating, but Soward’s Popcorn Caper had me absolutely roaring on the couch!! Hilarious!

So explain to me what is and what is not taunting?

Don't they generally only call taunting when the player gets up in the opponent's face after a score?

don't speak to soon never count out "the don"

seeing how I have already admited defeat I get to complain :lol:

How is this not a penality

There should have been a retaliaton called on that one…I think they missed one there…

I think so.

Hey there, Lucky 1313.....appears to me as though the Als are making a game of to retract that earlier well-wishing statement of yours, with the understanding that it can be reinstated at a later time?

:shock: The ALS are leading 20-14 in the 3rd quarter! :smiley:

An ALS win would seriously threaten my chances to win the VGCC. :oops:

But that would teach me to not bet for my team. :wink:

GO ALS!!! :twisted:



The Als get the ball back!!

9 point lead, 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Alouettes ball on the Toronto 35 yard line! :shock:

GO ALS!!! :smiley:

I was wron and I'm chearing about it WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO

Turnovers will get you every time. I felt the exact same way In Calgary last week until the Burris turnovers and the AL's were able to get the same result this week as the Esks did last from the turnovers be it their hard work, luck or whatever, it doesnt matter cause the als going to the cup now.

MONTREAL has NOT won anything , YET?

You still have to beat , EDMONTON!

yup thats what i said the als are going to the cup.

going to the CUP and winning it are 2 different things.

Yes MONTREAL, is like BUFFALO , they like going.

Looks like Levingston is going to be the goat of the off-season for the Argos: two fumbles!! That's bad enough if you're a running back, quarterback or receiver; but when all you do is return punts, that's pathetic. How many times did he touch the ball, like FIVE? And he gave it to the Als TWICE?

And Cahoon may have hit him late, but that's part of the game. Grabbing Cahoon around the head and dragging him to the ground was a malicious attack, and should have resulted in a penalty, if not an ejection! The guy's a thug who I still say should have been arrested for his attack on some Ticat fans.

No surprise to anyone that I'm no fan of Bashir. So glad that he was almost single-handedly responsible for the Argos' loss. :slight_smile:

gee, I felling like I'm in the twlight zone here.

ro1313, shame, shame, shame on you for starting such a topic. You should be banished from Alouettes land!

Hellothere, you are right. Going to the Cup and winning it are two different things. But unless you go to the game, there's no way you can win it. Getting a berth for the big game is a step in the right direction. At least, it allows your fans to see your team play one more week before the saddest season of all starts (the off-season!)