ARGOS 17, 23 OCT Games Moved to Hamilton

Fresh off the press, folks;

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Even at that it's not a firm move.

From Mr. Rudge:

We have been meeting for some time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats organization and have decided that the best course for our team and our fans is to[b] prepare [/b]to play the game at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. However, as the [b]MLB playoffs unfold, we will assess the viability of moving the game back to Rogers Centre [/b]should timing, conversion and logistics permit
So the organization makes a decision and they can't make a decision. This is a problem when you have a team in control by a lame duck owner, being run by a lame duck president.

I never thought i'd feel sorry for Argo's fans.

well... here i am.

No kidding.

Fans that have purchased tickets to the October 17 game will be contacted by a Toronto Argonauts ticket representative in the near future. Fans that have purchased tickets to any 2015 Toronto Argonauts home game that has been, or will be, displaced by the 2015 MLB post-schedule will be fully reimbursed once all disruptions are known.

Is there an option to defer against next year's ticket cost, I wonder?

To add to my half rant earlier and also on the other Argos moving thread.

Any good leadership would have just made the move and not wait on hands knees on what the Jays will do. There comes a point where it can't be guaranteed that Rogers Centre will be available and we're well past that point.

To me, this sounds like Braley feels he will be further ahead financially, playing in a neatly empty Rogers Ctr than a somewhat decent turnout in THF.

If the Jays win today and tomorrow, then there will be no choice but to move and it's sickening to think they're waiting until then.

Under the leadership of a lame duck league commissioner.

We have a winner!

Well in fairness, he inherited this mess.

But yes, he's putting his head down and chanting the mantra 'this too shall pass'

Don't get me wrong, I agree with everything you say about Argo management. Or mismanagement.

I'm not even close to a fan of the owner, but why wouldn't they cling to the possibility of playing at home? It would be beyond insane to play in THF before a few hundred diehards if the RC is available on the 17th.

Either way is not good optics.

For weeks if not months, they've been talking about moving the game to Hamilton or somewhere else. There's no incentive to buy tickets for the game on the 17th.

The game being moved to Ottawa was done about 3 weeks prior even though Rogers Centre was ultimately available. In that case they made a decision and stuck with it. Once they made the move final, then comes the part of selling the game, even at reduced rates they got a respectable crowd in Ottawa.

With enough notice, they had a chance to sell the game. Being a Saturday afternoon there would have been a chance of a decent crowd. Now they're relying on existing STH and walk up.

Rogers Centre was NOT available on Tuesday. Do you seriously think the Blue Jays would have done their working out and pre-playoff preparation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in some other facility so a football configuration could be built and removed? Not a chance.

As someone else said, "This too shall pass".

The Jays have hurt the CFL in terms of TV ratings AND scheduling this year. Hopefully, next year with be better.

Can't recall any major disruptions during the 92 or 93 playoff runs at Skydome.

Yes, but at 3 weeks prior when the game was rescheduled, it wasn’t guaranteed either way. The team still made a judgment call and stuck with it. Gave fans allot more notice than what they’re doing now. If the Jays bow out, the earliest it will be is Sunday giving fans only 6 days notice of any certainty.

I see your POV, but I think this will backfire in a big way.

The Jays didn't have asshat owners back then...


FYI, you're one of the few Argonauts fans who I have seen post with this view.
The majority of the posts I saw regarding the move of the Ottawa game to TD Place was that the Argonauts should have waited until the absolute last moment to make such a decision. Of course, none of those posters really defined what the absolute last moment was either.

My point in mentioning this is to indicate that the Argonauts management team is damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why can't the Argos play at Varsity Stadium, where they've played home preseason games in the past?

Not ideal, but it would at least allow Argo fans to watch their team at home.

Fair point. :slight_smile:

But I agree, this really is a lose-lose situation all around. Back to my mantra 'this too shall pass'