Argos: 13,000 sold with 25,000 expected.

That is an out and out lie.
It’s a known fact how every game over 30,000 perhaps even more seats were given out like the free newspaper on the subway lines.
In fact, any Rogers subscriber, employee or their family could get a ticket.
Many street people to warm up and come in from the cold were also seen.

Has anyone heard the current sold amount?

This guy, mikem, doesnt have a clue.

No matter how often articles are posted here, saying how rogers center is papered during the bills games, and how badly rogers lost money on the deal because they cannot move the tickets, he will continue to have his head burried in the Florida sand…or is it Ottawa sand? Or Hamilton sand? St.Louis sand? England sand?

Or maybe he’s from toronto now, and thus, knows more about the sale of bills tickets than anyone else now. :roll:

Says he’s from so many places, its hard to keep track of his latest residence. No matter the location of topic, mikem spent atleast 2 years living there and is the utmost authority of happenings in said city.

ANY event that is new is bound to have the curiosity factor working in its favour. The real test if is it can maintain a high level of interest after 10 games. I have serious doubts. Once the Toronto NFLers started turning in a crappy season year after year after year attendance would be an embarrassment to the league. After all, if it can't even half fill the place for something as venerable as the Argos, what makes people think that a snooze-fest NFL game would suddenly be packin' 'em in.

I'm not sure very many Torontonians have ever been to a live game. It's nowhere near as exciting, especially when they have 8 team time outs and numerous TV time outs. It can seriously slow to a crawl. I nearly fell asleep at a Raider game when they went 10 minutes near the end of the 2nd quarter without a single play. BOOOOOORING. At $60 a ticket they had better pick up the pace, but sadly, the NFL seems intent on slowing it down even more and eliminating exciting kicking plays.

It's better on TV because you can do something else during the down time. In the stadium you're pretty much a prisoner.

Bills aren’t the only ones cutting their ticket prices to get people to show up - - Argos were offering 27% discount on tickets a week before a playoff game.

I’ll take four free tickets to the Bills/Seahawks game on December 16 please. Let me know when & where they’re handing out the freebies.

Realistically though, given the frigid temps in Calgary, are they going to draw a lot more for the West Semi? Good on 'em if they do, but I’d be surprised.

I’m sure they’ve sold 28K or 29K tickets to season ticket holders and corporations (and Rider fans), but I highly doubt that many will be in the stands Sunday.

Nice try Xyvs - but that was PRE-SEASON games where they were charging $200 at ticket to watch backups.
Your news is very old.

We are talking about regular season games. Try getting a ticket for under $150 for the game in December.

You obviously didn't read my post Mikie. In the days leading up to the last regular season NFL game in Toronto, you could have bought tickets for $30 and all tickets were half price (after being discounted 4 times since the series inception). I checked ticketmaster and you could have bought 8 or 10 tickets in a row in several sections only 3 days before the game...for half price.

One factor in the lower CFL attendance is the Argos game will be televised locally in Toronto (as all home Argo games are), while the past two Bills in Toronto regular season games were blacked out in southern Ontario on Canadian networks, as directed by the NFL. Toronto is part of the Buffalo regional market and the games were blacked-out because of poor ticket sales.

Sorry Area 51, they don't hand out Bills tickets on the street. They obviously want to keep it a secret and funneled the free NFL tickets to Roger employees and sponsors. But the word still got out, it was widely reported about the ticket giveaways. They were flying people in to help fill the stadium. Another report said they were rounding up homeless people in Toronto and busing them to Rogers Center for the NFL game...on the promise they would get a voucher for a free sleeping bag. :roll:

If they get less then 20,000 that should raise concerns.

If the argos player were paid in the millions of dollars ,the place would be full. That is the only way the people of TO will support them, cheering for someone making a 100g's is beneath them. Plain and simple.

Although this maybe true for some in the wannabe factor here in Toronto, absolutely it is what appeals to the vast majortiy of people who love this league.
Average salary that we can all relate to plus the best entertainment value anywhere.

Hard to imagine it would be LESS conspicuous to bring in a bunch of homeless people than it would be to stand outside the stadium a week before the game to shill free tickets.

Look at the Raps last year they avg less then 17,000 the Jays avg around 26,000 there not great numbers.

False. Blue Jays are paid in the millions of dollars and the Dome is almost always more than half empty for Jays games.

Where are you getting the Jays information. The Jays get 30,000 when NY and Boston comes to play, but look at the Jays posted numbers for most of the other teams. 12,000 to 18,000. I have been to Jays games where they announce 15,000 and there may be 6,000 in the place. If the Jays started to Win, i think they would get good crowds, but right now there is a reason the Jays lose over 20 million a year

I read in the Toronto Sun, their sports coverage all year has been awesome and is even better now plus the front page of the last two days as well, how a crowd of 35,000 is expected.
Not sure were they got this from.

Can they even fit 35,000 in there without opening the 500 level?

Probably not, as the lower bowls only have a capacity of what some 32,000.
Wouldn’t that be something to open up the 500 nosebleeds?

Im pretty sure they are opening up the 500 levels, you can buy tickets on ticketmaster in the 500 level