Argos: 13,000 sold with 25,000 expected.

Both numbers are sad!
I just talked to my account rep after purchasing my playoff tickets and he said how as of today's date only 13k have been sold.
The team is on par for a crowd of 25,000, a figure I mentioned was equally disappointing.

Yeah that's pretty lame. Especially since this Argo team is actually pretty exciting to watch.

Braley must be throwing his hands in the air and saying "what do we have to do to get Torontonians out to a CFL game"
"Do we have to empty the schools again and order kids to go"?
I bet he's wishing someone would take the team off of his hands.

Then I guess the ticketmaster interactive seat site is inflated as far as seats sold goes , it looks to me that there are one heck of a lot more then 13000 tickets sold so far , it looks to be over 20,000 to me . BUT maybe it is not accurate who knows

I hate watching football in the Skydump, or baseball for that matter which it was mainly designed and built for, I don't blame anyone for not going. Going to the 100th Grey Cup, that's special. But I don't even go there from Hamilton to watch the Cats play there.

Even IWS as it is (well in the process right now of coming down of course as we speak :wink:) with magic markers for seat numbers, splintered benches, water in the walkways beats the crap out of Skydump.

Good on anyone going to that place for a football game, you have my total respect. :thup:

Who knows though, they are calling for a great day on Sunday, the forecast is 15c and a sunny day.
I even asked my guy if the roof would be open, but there is no chance on this with what the Rogers people in ownership.
The weather plus the playoff should equal the best walk up crowd of the year.
Who knows maybe 30k is possible?

The stadium is a BS excuse. Here in BC people always blamed BC Place, and now that it has been redone, it is an awesome building, yet, people can still make up some lame excuse why they don't go. The stadium excuse doesn't work anymore. When I visited a girlfriend in Toronto years ago, I had never been to SkyDome/Rogers Centre, so she got me tickets to an Argos game. I thought it was a nice stadium. It was back when they had giant banners in the top sections of former players, which I thought was a great idea. I never once thought it was a terrible place to watch a game. That is a lame attempt to justify not going to the games. To me, it has been terrible management that has put together half assed teams. How else can you explain having Cleo Lemon as your starter for as long as they did, as though there was no possible better option out there. That is just sad. The team stunk so bad, that they just aren't "cool" to the people there.
Sure, Toronto is used to having crap teams in every sport, but I think it is the same thing that happened here in Vancouver in the 90's. The people just lost interest after terrible management lost touch with everyone. It takes a while to fix.

Braley is not throwing his hands in the air - - he’s rubbing them together thinking about how much money he’s going to pull from hosting the 100th Grey Cup.

He’ll dump the team on somebody (maybe TSN?) within a year or two of his Grey Cup windfall.

This should help them crack the 30K mark:

[url=] ... ftime-show[/url]

Skydome is a top notch facility and very comfortable stadium. Funny how if it was in Regina it would be packed and everyone would comment on how crazy the atmosphere is :slight_smile:

Having been to multiple CFL stadiums, I’m not a huge fan of the dome. I like it more then the big O, but I had a lot more fun at games at Ivor Wynne or Lansdowne, where you feel closer to the action.

TBH though, Toronto isn’t a good sports town. What in the city does well for attendance that isn’t the Leafs? Nothing - even TFC was way down this year and is doing a season ticket price rollback to try and keep fans. A winning product helps and a football centric stadium would help, but you’re just not going to see Saskatchewan level support in Toronto. They’re very different places and the residents have different levels of interest in attending live sports.

Hf, it’s fairly comfortable but really, I’d rather watch a high school game on a set of 3 or 4 wooden bleachers. The bowl makes fans a long way away and the too gentle slope in the 100 level allows a horrible view.

Now you have a valid point with Regina I must say. But we are talking one city that knows how to have fun with Canadiana and another city that, by and large, abhors Canadiana. :wink:

So much is wrong with this comment I’m cringing.

People like you would rather we all sit on a grassy field and watch the teams play with leather helmets and hand knit sweaters.

Get over yourself, Rogers Center is the pride of Canada’s stadiums, a beautiful facility that is both flexible and modern.
Nothing else in Canada comes even close. Nothing.

When I drive into Toronto, nothing takes my breath away more than the view of the CN tower with the stunning stadium dome rising at its base.

As to atmosphere, I’ve been to plenty of CFL games there and had an amazing time there. Good crowd, great amenities, hell they even shot off fireworks for touchdowns. I’d probably stop going if they MOVED from Rogers Center.

I'm glad you like it for football. I don't and I don't like it for baseball either, and I've been to a number of games there. Sure, it keeps you dry, but that's about it. And so does my house come to think of it.

There is a reason they don't build these stadiums any longer in the US to accomodate baseball and football, because they didn't work very well for either sport.

There is a reason Rogers was able to buy it for $25 mill, heck that isn't even a quarter of the price of the new Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton.

In terms of the location, yes, nice location. Tear the joint down and build a nice 30,000 football stadium. :wink: Ok, the baseballers would want their own baseball specific stadium there as well. :wink:

Yeah, Isn't in ironic that the most transit accessible stadium in Canada is marred by attendance problems for both it's tenants.

They don’t seem to have a problem getting 52,000 in there for the Bills and that’s shelling out an average of $150 a ticket!!. I’m sure that if the Bills played 7 more games in there a year they wouldn’t have attendance problems either.
So no it’s not a bad stadium for football just a bad stadium for CFL football.

Who paid $150 for those tickets? I agree with you a transit oriented stadium is not the issue but I went to one of those games for a scalped $10 off the street which was in turn given to the scalper for free.

as well, a acquaintance of mine, who works for Rogers, relayed that the entire Dept. was offered Bills in T.O. complimentary tix regularly.

Ask a few Rogers employees about this Mike.

Only 25,000 for a playoff game? That's brutal.

Nice try Mikie, but it was widely reported that Rogers is giving away upwards of 20,000 tickets for the Bills games in Toronto. You could have bought tickets online for half-price the day before the last regular season NFL game. The preseason attendance was such a disaster the NFL had to cancel this year’s game in Toronto. Rogers has lowered ticket prices each and every year over the 5-year span of the agreement, but they still have to give NFL tickets away.

Here is the story from Canada’s largest circulation newspaper:

[b]Rogers Center was still less than half full, about 20,000 warm bodies in the stands, this despite an announced attendance of 39,583. [/b] [url=] ... not-enough[/url]
Here is another story from NBC Sports:
[b]NBC Reports: Only 20,000 at Colts-Bills game in Toronto[/b] [url=] ... n-toronto/[/url]