Argooos or Riders??

Who will win this Sunday's match up in Toronto at BMO Field between the dreaded Toronto Argooos or the Saskatchewan RoughRiders??

I hope for the Riders and Kevin Glenn and Bakari Grant and a few other ex-Ti-Cat players on the less hated team.

An All-West Grey Cup would be pretty cool considering the teams from the west had the better regular season records at four teams above .500 only BC had less and the Argoos led the east at .500 with a 9-9 record?

GO Riders Go!!!!


Who has the better quarterback ? So there's your winner . Argos !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Hoping for the Riders. I'm sick of the Argo's

Technically speaking, if the Riders beat the Argos, they are the easternmost team remaining, so it would still kind of be East vs. West.

I despise the Riders, but I would like to see Kevin Glenn get a GC ring.


Son of migrant Prairie Dogs

hoping Riders

The Agro’s will get hammered...
This game will be over by the start of the 4th quarter.
Sask by at least 21 points.
Ray will not finish the 1st half..
Sask Defence will be feasting all game long.

Riders.....EFF THE ARGONAUTS!!!!

Riders. Maybe Dyakowski, Glenn and Bakari can finally get a cup.

Has to be the Argos.

Tradition counts a lot in sports, so an East vs. West showdown is essential.

I personally feel that an all West final will do more damage than fans and the League realize.

Well D'uh...Riders of course ;D

Riders !!! If Glenn can't do it, Bridge will.
Rider players are Cat players so it's Rider-Cats get to play Eskie-Cats for the CUP
Down with the Ago's

I'll be cheering on the 2011 Ti-Cat alumni team . Glenn tossing , Thiggy running , Bakari catching and big Peter D . aka "Canada's Smartest Person" blocking .


Cheering for Dyakowski, Glenn & Thigpen as well ....
Gut feeling Ricky Ray & Green & the Blues are going East next week....

Am really up and down on this one. Part of me wants an Eastern rep - which unfortunately makes it the Argos. Part of me wants to see Glenn, Dyakowski, Grant,etc make it to the Cup - whcih unfortunately means Chris Jones. Guess I will know once the game starts - whichever team I start to cheer for is usually the one I really wanted? Maybe it's a can't lose - if Toronto wins, I get the East rep in the Cup, if Regina wins, I get the ex-Cats.

Wonder how the natural turf will hold up with all the rain this month?

Rider-Cats. I like it. Go Rider-Cats!

So later, is it the Eski-Cats, or the Tiger-Mos?

How was that td not called back. That was 100% roughing the passer... Oh wait. Jake the snake

It was close to roughing the passer but it wasn't. You must be watching the game through green and white glasses.