ya they did good against the Riders backup roster…good on them

All I’ve been hearing from a lot of Rider fans - and I happen to be a fan myself - is what great depth the Riders team has. If we have such good depth, perhaps people should quit bringing up the point that it was our “backups” who were playing and just suck up the loss. Fans can’t have it both ways - either we have great depth or we don’t.

they do have good depth…does that change the fact that they are the second string? The starting lineup often are your BEST players. This is not to say our “backup” guys are not good…they are excellent… so what does that say about the guys who beat the “backup” guys out of a starting spot?

I agree its ok to lose a game, you can’t win them all. However would the outcome had have been different with a healthy team…and new kicker? maybe …maybe not

so true…and it seems that some SASK fans…have an issue with losing…If their FG kicker made his field goals , whinning about the refs…ect… would not have been be an issue. :roll:

SASK…got far less pen…than the ARGOS and the ARGOS still won.SASK…don’t have a killer instinct…yet.

The ARGOS , are the defending champs because GREAT TEAMS find a way to win , even on an off day… :wink:

why would a team play their backups when the game is still close? That’s the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard. Riders lost. Suck it up.

They’re playing there backups beacuse of injury not beacuse they want too.

On a happier note, I made it to the game, and boy was it worth it, got to see the 2 touchdown passes in the 4th quarter amazingly well

ok guys argos are the greatest team in the league k i mean com’on they have arland bruce III tony miles r j soward john avery and u can’t 4 get the legend damon allen there un touchable right now i guarentee another grey cup and thats commin from me im from winnipeg the home of the last place team in the league im outtee

I have translated that post into english and it reads something like this “I’m disgustingly biased”. Avery is having a TERRIBLE year. Damon is playing pretty decently but he certainly isn’t “untouchable” in fact if he does get touched he’ll likely be out for the rest of his career with an injury. Argos are a good team, but guareenting a repeat Grey Cup, I don’t think so.