Hamilton seems to have Toronto's number this year. Printers and Lumsden are back in the lineup tonight.

That was a horrible pass by Printers. If plays like that all game it will be over early.

Tough break for Toronto after that huge gain by Dorsey.

Took him long enough but he finaly got it right

Well that was fun.

Hamilton coach was just as dumb as Buono(in Montreal) on his play calling and needing a yard at the end of the game. Whystart 5 yards deep? And if you were going to why not Jesse? Looking at the replay a faked handoff and then giving the ball to Jesse would have worked.

Printers was awful in the 2nd half. They'll be screeching for Williams as soon as they wake up tomorrow.

Of course, we all know the real culprit is Marcel Buellefeille.

The Cats have so much talent on offense yet so little to show for it. A couple of their rookie receivers are pretty decent too.

Brings me back to when MB was the Riders offensive coordinator, leading the league in rushing but only average offensively.

Marcel B. (I'm not attempting that surname again tonight) is the single worst thing the Cats have at the moment.

History is repeating itself for a third time - he simply can't run a CFL offence, and the Tabbies are doomed until they run this guy out of town.

The riders had him, then Montreal. Now he is Hamiltons problem :lol: