We're gonna have some fun tonight


let's go Riders

i predict KJ will give his former team thier first loss.

Standing O for KJ. And a presentation of the president's ring (an honor voted on by the players). Very classy.

This is the second time this week I'm feeling dirty .... go argos!

washes his mouth out with soap

hey hey..talbots in!

game in delay or is it just TV coverage? TSN said weather was bad but didn't actually say if the game itself is in delay

damn delays!

NM - they just called the game delay

What is with the constant blackouts and freeze frames on these TSN broadcasts - now they're blaming the weather? Was the weather bad inside the dome in BC the other night?

Okay, I'll give 'em this one. But still....happens every other game too

If it was the storm that was here earlier I could see why lots of lightning bolts.

The replay clearly showed that Mackowski didn't even tough the TO player. He had just slipped and fell down. Riders would of had a 1st down.

Clean hit to the ribs. I don;t know how he is still in the game.

Listening to the radio. You could hear the hail hitting during the broadcast. Wow.

I ment BY Mackowski.

Only hailing at Taylor field. Maybe not a good sign for the riders.

...not really necessary to open threads on plays of a game when there is a thread on the game itself already open...thx RS...

radio link

...thanks TSN, lets replay the game from thursday...maybe there is something on PBS right now...