Should be a good one unlike the two blowouts so far this weekend. The playoff implications are very interesting.

Am I the only one outside of BC that can't see this game due to a 'blackout'?
Is it TSN or my service provider?

It's on in SK

Does anyone else use StarChoice and is having problems? That must explain the 60 minute wait time on their support line. :x

TD by CAM!!!
Sack by Hunt!!!

Okay, looks like the problem is fixed. Now if only they could fix the Argos!!!!
1 intercept and 1 fumble in 5 minutes????? :?

Pick by Miles!!!!!!!

TD Roberts!!!!!!!

Looks like another blow out in the making.

I surely can't swallow that Don Matthews quote. Am I missing something?
What has been fixed?

Joseph's got a helluvan arm

Its on in Montreal

Joseph to Sam..... :rockin: well, maybe it will be worth sticking around for awhile longer. :rockin:

Sam's definitely been a bright spot for the Argos this season.

Ro you gonna buy shots for me when I'm in Montreal for the Grey Cup? It'll be fun, and we can talk about posters here behind their back :wink:

Now that was a nice catch by Bruce. Okay now we have a game.

Ok, maybe not. It would be nice to see a close game. As long as the Lions win :stuck_out_tongue:

Be better if it were an Argo win though, but yeah, I can tolerate a loss as long as it's close.

Just out of curiousity, why would you be cheering for BC?

I can't believe they didn't call that PI on Simon :roll: