Argonauts vs Eskimos

What's gonna happen in this game tonight? Toronto just eat them up or what? Looks like 20,000 or so should show up tonight. A lot better than it used to be in Toronto that's for sure. Keep up the 20,000+ while the league grows the Argos attendance will get better especially with new stadium talk on the way.

Sorry but to me it looks like less than 18,000. I know this stadium well.

I just had an idea... Maybe if they change the name from Argos to Maple Leafs and they started losing every game :lol: :lol: people in Toronto would go to the games.

19000 and change. Not great but not that bad considering the ridiculous start time.

Thank Rogers for that. Surprised they didn't make them play the game at 2a.m.

19,656. I'd have to say that's not too bad as well when you consider Edmonton is a horrible club this year as well. There wasn't a major draw other than the Argos and they pulled nearly 20,000 for that game also considering this other huge fact:

They're playing at home for 3 straight weeks including this game. They play Friday at 7:30 against Calgary Friday Night Football next game. They should probably draw a bigger crowd and people have probably already spent their money on that game.

The game to look out for is yet another Tuesday game in the Schedule against Montreal. I can't believe this I'm sure other people knew but ANOTHER Tuesday home game? You have got to be kidding me. They need to get the Argos out of Skydome QUICK!

40,000 seat stadium permanent and build an Empire-like 29,000 seater meantime, they built ours in 3 months in Vancouver and it was pretty decent.

I'm not sure you can hang this one on Rogers as much as TSN. A 1 or 4 PM start time would have much better, but TSN was showing red neck car racing. Had it been earlier, I likely would have gone.

It still amazes me that a good team like the Argos coming off a Grey cup win in the largest city in Canada, 4th largest in North America can't get more than 20,000 fan to show up for a game. Toronto is bringing down the CFL when they should be a leader. Like someone else said change the name to the Leafs and have them lose all the time maybe they'll come out then.

Agreed. The game time was dictated by TSN. I would have loved to take my 4 year old son down to the game but it's too late for him at that time. We'll be going next Friday.

I'm assuming you guys never go to Hockey games?

I don't see anything wrong with the start time. When I was little my dad took me to Lions games all the time that were easily that late, and Canucks games that always use to start at 730. We're talking ages 4-7 here. I highly doubt any Friday night game would start before 7 so you won't go to anygame except a pm Sunday game that might happen once a year?

I think the major problem is you have 3 home games in a row including another Tuesday start. The way that Rogers treats the Argos pushes some fans away too. You can't have 2 Tuesday home games out of 9 home games, that's ridiculous. Then you're going to have 3 home games in a row on top of that Tuesday game? That's bound to kill attendance.

As one person mentioned they only had 20,000 after winning the championship but the schedule is awful. They did have a game of 29,000 already. The season isn't over. They won't have ANY home games in September, next after the Tuesday Sep 4th Montreal game is a home game in October. Then for some asinine reason both the Lions and the Argos play their last 2 games at home of the season killing any big playoff crowd effectively.