I was thinking about this tonight. I think we got screwed in our draft day trade. Calgary drafted two O-linemen, and their O-line seems to be good. We got Cominskey and some other guy, and our O-line is terrible.

Good point Chief, and if Cis O linemen are that good, maybe Cis qb,s are as well :wink:

Hmmmmmm, see I always thought "INTERSEPTIONS" was spelt differently...

... and "JOESEPH"

... and "coun't"

Cute effort though!

I agree. I think he's a great ambassador for the game. People generally seem to like him too, and he's media friendly. He's clearly a huge fan and is obviously having a lot of fun.

As for the O-line, they didn't give up a single sack in this game so they actually performed pretty well. I don't recall much pressure at all by the Argos and Ray even had plenty of running room.

What an amazing performance by that Jackson kid.

As long as the rest of the east teams keep losing, just fine by me.

it could have been the quart of spiced rum.. but after watching the game last night i'm sold on ricky ray. best QB in the league.

You're not a sore loser Chief. You are exercising common sense. :thup:

On the other hand, if we go 0-3 tonight I'm not ready to jump off the Port Mann Bridge. :wink:

I believe it is "spelled" not "spelt"

Both "spelled" and "spelt" are correct usage. The former is the American spelling and the latter the British.

Whoops. I actually meant sore winner. :oops:

And after watching tonight's debacle, I think it's possible that Winnipeg could start 0-4.

Just wanted to give a thumbs up to Edmonton! Never having been to C'Wealth Stadium before, I was really impressed with my whole game experience! What a great game it was indeed! Great idea to recognise the fans with the 13 flag! Great stadium, lots of concessions, took the LRT to the game, great and friendly fans. Hats off from this Ottawa guy without a team to you football maniacs in Edmonton! Good job and thanks for the great experience.

Swah (in Calgary until Tuesday)
CFL in Ottawa in 2010!

Whats the Canadian ruling?

Canadian is British....even though we have American accents....... Sad really.

We're always happy to host fans from other cities, especially from Ottawa (your team WILL come back, have faith my friend), glad you enjoyed the experience. Where were ya sittin'?

I try to be British... :stuck_out_tongue:

there is nothing wrong with spelt

So which accent is the "American" accent?
What you hear in Newfoundland Quebec out west?
How about the Southern US? Texas? New York?

This is incorrect. Canada is Canada. It is a sovereign country. It is not British or American or anything else. The country was born out of an act of British parliament, and many of our immigrants came from the UK (just as they did in the United States), but it is not a British country. Many of our immigrants also came from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the United States, Africa, and the middle East.

If by American accent you mean North American, then this is somewhat correct, though it is so general that it ignores the many unique regional accents in Canada. If you mean we have the same accents as our cousins to the South, that is incorrect because that too is a gross generality and ignores the many regional accents in that country.

Canada's language evolves on it's own. Our language and various accents are neither British nor American. They are uniquely Canadian. Our spelling is really a combination of both — which is why we have our own dictionary of Canadian English.

And lets not forget that large numbers of Canadians speak French as a their mother tongue. Indeed the original Canadians, besides the First Nations people and their multitude of languages, spoke French, not English.

A very technical description of the subtleties of Canadian English can be found here:

That likely depends on the region in which you live, or the orthographic rules of the educational institution in which you are enrolled. Generally though, I believe either is acceptable.

I won't get excited about my Esks until McChickenchoker is gone. But a nice start to the season all the same.