On a whim I took Noel Prefontaine as my Kicker this week.

Joseph is looking sharp in his first series.

i took prefontaine as well....cuz i dont think the eskies will score majors..haha

KJ starts hot...looks like the team has forgotten that bum, bishop.

i was just callin for the argos to cut bruce ( too many drops and broker-routes ), then he makes a high-light reel catch to redeem himself!

I know he was Damon's number one target and I expect his numbers to drop again with the group they have. Nice to see him getting open.

great catch

Wow a rushing TD from the Eskies! Fantastic catch by Bruce.

Great game so far.

Man that #38 on Eskies is ridiculous

Returns interception for TD's
Returns kicks for TD's

He's a 21st century Darnell Clash!

That one drive the Eskimo's just put up (ended at 5:30 in the 4th) WAS JUST AWESOME!

Nice grab by Tucker.

Rich Stubler is over his depth. With all this turmoil maybe Pinball should step in and show this Neanderthal in people skills how to work with QBs and coaches.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Looks like all of ya were wrong…BOOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
The joeseph & Bishop wanna bee’s went down in flames, just like alot of rider fans would say

OOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSS How many INTERSEPTIONS was there on JOESEPH?????????????? Cant coun't them

Take a lesson from an old man, win with class son, win with class.

I was thinking the same thing. We won, but there's no reason to gloat. Kerry Joseph still had a decent game. He completed 58% of his passes and threw 2 TDs.

And now I don't mean to sound like a sore loser, but as good as this win was (and it was pretty good), I'm not going to get excited just yet.

Last season we started 2-1-1, and the season before that we started 2-2, and both years we missed the playoffs. So I'll hold off jumping up and down with excitement.

Judging by his nickname, i'd say he's probably had too many drinks by now to be classy... :lol:

Disappointing crowd though... 31,700 and change. We had 33k for preseason and 32k for game one, is it just Thursday or are so many fans that disgruntled?

For what it's worth, the Bruce catch is an ESPN top 10 play of the day. Makes me wonder if they had to watch the same feed I did lol

By the way, for those of you who are often posting "where is Cohon?" he was at the game tonight. Raised our new "13th man" flag at the start of the game, prowling the sideline as half-time was ending, and then spent part of the third quarter chatting with an esk fan in a white ray jersey (and with some of the others around) lower down in my section D. I dunno what the guy was yelling to Cohon to get him to come up into the stands for a chat, but the commish seemed to be very interested.

To be honest, I couldn't care less about what his critics say. There's just something about him. I think he represents the league well, and Canada.

Nice to see him chatting with the fans.

The other good thing, aside from Jackson giving a great show on returns and the commish getting into the spirit, was that Ray didn't fumble once on any of his runs or sneaks. Its been a problem thats always been with him, was glad to see him improving in that department.

On a final note. Congrats to the Esks, condolences to the Argo fans. Its never pretty to be defeated by the two teams ranked last going into the season.... I think our O-line still isn't tough enough, and our pass-rush is still far too weak to get to the QB, but the team as a whole is slowwwwwwllllyyy learning not to blow it in the second half.