Game on!

Who the hell is the deadbeat talking during the Don Whitman tribute? Shut it, buddy! :roll:

Yeah I heard that too but we can't make any written accounts yadda yadda lol

Nice shoe string tackle, it looked like. Buddy went nowhere. :lol:

Who's taking care of returns for the Bombers? He's not having a good night. First he slips, then he drops the ball. :?

Fred Reid. I think he was an Eastern ST option in Fantasy.

Glad I didn't pick him. :lol:

And I think the Argos should give Dorsey the ball more on running plays. This Robertson guy doesn't seem to be doing much.

Was Joseph injured or yanked? :?

I heard he got waived.

That's kind of ridiculous to yank a guy a quarter and a half into a game... :expressionless:

Stubler mentioned before the game that he was going to use both Bishop and Joseph...

Interesting choice. They seemed to have some momentum on the bomb to Bethel Johnson that got called back. KJ's my Fantasy QB.

I guess it's a good thing I benched Joseph. In fact, if this is how Stubler is going to play these guys all season, I'll just keep Joseph on the bench.

Stubler should stick to defense. I wonder what Buratto thinks of this nonsense. You can't 'spell' a QB like you would a tailback.

Stubler is an idiot. Joseph, Bishop, Joseph... Good God. Wonder if we'll see Bishop back in since Joseph just went 2 and out. :roll:

Its not the first time a Coach platoons his QBs

You know, I'm really not liking Robertson, and yet the guy has 2 TDs. :lol:

i missed the first half....worked late. got in to a 8-6 score...not surprising.

atleast i know i didnt miss much.

And did anyone else think the Winnipeg C threw the ball a little off to the side? This back-up is horrible.

im glad i picked calvillo for my east QB…lol

( burris is my west QB )