Argonauts Transactions and Roster Pages, HORRIBLE!!

I don't know what the other team sites are like but the Argonauts transactions and roster pages have been behind all season long. New guys are being signed and in previous years they were bang on in updates. Roderick Sweeney is the last transaction. It still says nothing about the cutting of the four receivers or signings of three new wr's along with another guy that day. Two more signings today.

The Roster page is missing photos of guys who've been around for quite a while.

There's no excuse, it's just horrible.

Obviously its not important to them. Jumbo Barker has always been and will always be a PR hobo. But someone like President (superficial or not) Pinball should be on this situation sooner vs. later. Even get one of his kids to do the updates if they don't have money in the budget for a real hire.