Argonauts Ticket Deal Package - 2 GAME PACK !

Hamilton 2 PACK includes both the Oct. 10th and Oct. 25th !

Buy the 2 games in Toronto and receive 33% off !

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Apparently there is another deal of 50% off, if anyone finds it can you post it ? Thanks !

And in case anybody was wondering - there are lots of good tickets available - especially on the Ti-Cats (west) side of Rogers Centre for the game this Friday.

This promo is for one game !
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By The Cats Claws Fan Club
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OK - in the last 24 hours if anything it looks like more tickets are available now than what showed yesterday on the 'Choose Your Seat App' - especially on the Hamilton side. That doesn't bode well for those who were hoping for a big crowd.

Above were seats showing as available yesterday at this time and below seats as of 11:00 AM today. There are more seats available now. :?

Last 5 games I went to in TO. the Cats lost. So, on spec, I’m not going.
Even if there are the same # or even less Cats fans they can and will be louder than the arrggg fans with their stupid cheer.

I was wondering why they lost them two regular season games last year, now we know why. :roll:

When was that 1970's :lol:

If I had to guess - looking at that latest seat chart it looks like many Ti-Cats fans seeing as we have two games in TO within two weeks - may be choosing to go to only one. And I'm guessing that for many that may be the second one on Saturday October 25th. It looks like more tickets are already sold on the visitor side for that game than the one this Friday.

A Saturday 4:00PM start is certainly much easier than the hassles of getting to RC on a Friday night in time for a 7:00PM start.

meh! why order online when there will be plenty of seats available for walk up.

Umm - because if others are thinking the same way - good luck being in your seats before the start of the second quarter. They don't open a ton of windows for ticket sales at the Rogers Centre - and by the time you fight through traffic or the crush at under construction Union Station - you will then be waiting a long time in line if hundreds of other fans are thinking the same thing.

Should also add, you can't use the discount codes at walk up.

On the south side of Bloor just east of the 427 is the final west stop of the subway. Transfer at University (when all the arrg fans do) and end up on the edge of union station. I think I remember free parking and cheap fares with family rates.

Go to both it's a better deal :rockin: :rockin:

This game is a really important game. If we can take this game, we are effectively three up on the Argos as we'll have the tiebreak. Thing is too, the Als are the sleeper right now, no one is talking about them with the bye, if they beat Sask, which is completely plausible, the east will continue to be close.

HUGE GAME winning the season series could end up being the difference for first place :rockin: :rockin: We need all available Ticats Fans to attend just like the East Final last year :rockin: :rockin:

Agreed, its awful. and don't EVER use Will Call. Its very poorly managed.

Bump :rockin:

Once the Argos and their organization show me a plan to where they are going to play since they are being ousted from the RC, then I might consider going to Toronto for a regular season or playoff game (Grey Cup I'll go even in the RC I admit) but until then, I have absolutely no interest in attending a game in the RC for the Ticats vs the Argos. It's a joke.

My suggestion is to boycott any games at the RC until the Argos come forward to what their future is. But that's just me and I am sure I will be stomped upon for saying this. Right now the Argos and their organization are a joke and why anyone would want to put a nickel in their coffers is beyond me. Watch it at home on TV, you're already paying through cable anyways subscribing to TSN. Make Braley and the Argos find a home IMHO.

Put the pressure on Braley and don't GO until he shows a plan, and I don't think he has a clue about the future of the Argos to be honest!

With all do respect Earl, If everyone thought like this there would be NO CFL :roll: