Argonauts sign receiver Eric Rogers

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American receiver Eric Rogers after trading with Calgary for his playing rights over the weekend.

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How are the Argos able to keep signing these star players and yet Calgary couldn't come to terms with Eric Rodgers. Signing Arbuckle ,Rodgers, DaVaris Daniels & Cody Speller must be using up the Cap pretty fast. Unless Daniels took a significant hit in reworking his contract along with other Argo players. Michael Clemons & John Murphy must be pretty convincing negotiators !

Oh yeah, something very fishy in Hogtown. Also the Argos should know; simply signing Calgary Stampeder personnel doesn't make you the The Calgary Stampeders

Ouch. Rogers could be the best receiver in the league. What am I missing here Huf?!

The players stated above probably took a hair cut. Toronto has a lot in comparison to Calgary

I would like to thank Eric Rodgers for his years of service to the Stampeder's, he was one smart receiver,ran the tightest routes,and was a proven winner(look at his playoff stats), good luck in Toronto Eric.

A HUGE loss to the Stamps. BUT, every year the Stamps feed other teams. Maybe they can learn to scout themselves. Lol. Right.... Love you Rogers. Hope you suck royally in TO. :wink: lol

The salary cap is $5.2 MILLION? that doesn't mean that teams must stick to that number, the Stamps and other teams could decide to go to $3 MILLION to save money.
The Argos could be the only team actually paying the max salary cap. MLSE likely telling them they can spend up to $5.2 M.
Other owners telling their teams to save a million or two until the pandemic is over and no restrictions on attendance

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