Argonauts sign DL Cordarro Law

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American DL Cordarro Law whose playing rights were acquired in a trade with Calgary last week, the team announced on Thursday.

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Good news for Law and the Argos ! I think there are more X- Stampeders on this Argo team then on the actual Stampeder team. Huff,Dickinson and the other premium coaches on the Stampeders have done a great job of developing their players, & personnel obviously, since the Argos have gone out of their way to sign these X-Stamp players, VP of Player Personnel (John Murphy) & HC - [Ryan Dinwiddie]. They are all star players and Personnel , who will, I am sure, help the Argos make it to the Grey Cup game to represent the Eastern Division. To the other Eastern Teams, you better be ready to face the Argos this Season, because I don't think they are going to be a push over. Now Toronto Fans get out and support your team !

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Geezus. Arbuckle should feel right at home.

John Murphy the current GM with the Argos has done a spectacular job of cleaning out all of GM John Hufnagel's unsigned players. There is something magical however when a superstar signs with the Toronto Argonauts, many careers have faded like the daily sunset, with some exceptions such as Doug Flutie ! Best of luck to Cordarro Law the latest x-Stamp arrival-lol

I love the signing with Cordarro Law. This adds more depth on the Argonauts Defense.

I will say this, Hufnagel is taking a lot of heat from Calgary fans and it's totally understandable. However, Calgary in my option has been the best team in player development in the CFL for the last 20 plus years. For some reason, he knows how to find replacements from there practice squad, letting the backup / 3rd string become a starter, and or via Undrafted NFL players. His track record speaks for it's self.

When TSN was announcing that the CFL Office was recommending for all teams to trim salary and aim for the floor level of the salary cap; I think Toronto said "Screw it, lets aim for the top of the cap. We can now out bit teams with certain players".

I'm still surprised that we landed Charlton Hughes yesterday.

I guess now were the Calgary Stampeders of the East Division considering how many we obtained.

Lazy way to rebuild imo. Grabbing players that the former team does not want is not the way to go at all imo.


With all due respect to the lazy way of rebuilding a team, sometimes Free Agency works for teams to rebuild within a year or two.

It's rare for CFL contacts to be more than 2 - 3 years in length. Those are mainly QB's and or a great player that is a non QB. At the end of the day, just about all teams have about half there roster or pretty close to it, that will be an FA at the end of the season. Most are 1 - 2 years for contracts.

What surprises me was that it was reported that Saskatchewan and Charlton Hughes were about a difference of $15,000 apart. For a player of his skill set, I'm surprised it was only a difference of that. Good for the Argonauts to obtain him. If I was a Riders fan, I'd be pissed.

The Argos have been very aggressive in filling in spots in the last week. I like the guidance of Pinball Clemons. He wants winners. He will develop players also.

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self edited…hope it works out

Great signing