Argonauts sale to MLSE or Tenenbaum close?

As the article indicates, it makes too much sense for this not to happen at this point in time really.

Tanenbaum ! This has got to be a joke.

My understanding is that Tanenbaum has been interested for quite a while but the now retired Richard Peddie didn't want it to happen.

I certainly hope not. What class ROGERS has. Lets buy the ARGOS and move it so we can [dreaming again] get a NFL team in Toronto. :lol:
Where would a NFL team play??? Isn't the ROGERS Center getting grass for baseball [or is that just another lie]?
The ROGERS CENTER is too small any way.
As for the article mentioning BON JOVI again , he has already stated that story was NOT true.
Any deal for any NEW NFL team in TORONTO would have to include a new stadium.
The NFL wants BUFFALO in BUFFALO and 2 new NFL teams in L.A.
I think that ROGERS are obsessed with this :roll: It has certainly clouded any judgement on their part.
They will just let the ARGOS die and end up with nothing football in T.O. I can't think of any other city in the world were this would happen. It is disgusting. :roll:

You mean MLSE, Rogers isn't buying the Argos.

I'd be more comfortable with MLSE owning it than Tanenbaum. For the safety of the Argos the ownership should be tied to who owns the lease at BMO.

Thank you god! anything will be better at this point in time then mr. Absentee owner David Braley doing anything with this franchise. Let's hope the first move for the new owners will be to FIRE Chris rudge!

I'm sure that will happen 1991 if MLSE or LT do become the caretakers of the Argonaut franchise. They will want their own people running the ship I'm sure, that's usually the way it happens. And as we know from the link above, Rudge may be looking at politics anyways.

Fascinating that it's the Argos being sold before the Lions...

Well it won't be MLSE

While the board could not agree on the matter, there remains the possibility that MLSE could revisit buying the team or that Tanenbaum himself may purchase it.

Not really, Braley has another GC coming to him in BC this year....

Probably the Rogers person(s) on the MLSE board is dissenting I'm sure.

That and the fact that ml$e runs its business in a professional way and not amateur way like David Braley. Plus if you have a Tim lewike who is going to be looking over things for the franchise you know that he would not accept Chris rudge sitting around in the offices doing nothing for the team. Rudge has got away doing nothing for the Argos the last couple of years because David Braley was no where to be seen around the team.

If you read the article its not hard to see Peddie has no interest in the CFL.

MLSE for sure will bring the Argos training facilities up to a much higher level and there will be more pressure to win as well, which isn't always a good thing. I think that pressure has been detrimental to the Leafs, Raps and TFC actually but Lewieke seems to be having some influence on the culture of MLSE perhaps for the positive? :?

Did you even read or can you ? MLSE voted down buying the Argos. This has nothing to do with Leiweke. So if Tanenbaum buys them. He will need someone to run the team. He may keep Rudge :stuck_out_tongue:

MLSE is mostly ROGERS

He's gone so that opens the door now. Peddie probably could never get a handle on what a team like the Roughriders are in a not very populated province like Saskatchewan and he may not understand what it means to be crowned national football champs of the country you live in with a trophy as historic as the Grey Cup. Not everyone gets that and that is fine, there are things I don't get either that are right in front of my eyes.

Although the intentions shared in the article may be to use the CFL team to try to get an NFL team, the fact that Bell Media (TSN) is a partner in MLSE, may protect the CFL in the long run. I do believe Bell has the same share in MLSE as Rodgers does. I would just like to see the Argos franchise be treated fairly not only by Toronto's people, but mostly their owners.