Argonauts-Roughriders game rescheduled to Sunday July 24

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League confirmed on Thursday that this weekend’s Toronto Argonauts at Saskatchewan Roughriders game has been rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday.

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Glad it's only one day. Did not want a 3rd bye week so soon plus we get them with a couple of suspensions still in effect.


So, you don't want to face them at their best?

One day later, should be the same result. If Cody can't go, an Argos beatdown. If Cody can go, an Argos win.

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There you go @PorkyPine, they were busy working on a solution.....

I'm gonna guess Toronto said no to moving the game to later in the season and doing like last year...


What it boils down to when you see fans celebrating suspensions

I suspect this is somewhat riding on the fact that no more Riders get sick. You don't get over C19 in a day. If more Riders test positive will we still see this game?

and yet they are all supposedly vaccinated.

the global vax program is a total failure.

It would have been the same if the game is being played on it's regular date

I doubt one day will make much of a difference. The Riders still have a lot of obstacles to overcome this week if they want to pull out a win and as much as I'd love to see it happen, I'm not optimistic about their chances.

You must be new. That offends some people on here and you'll be threatened with a suspension.

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If the majority tested on Sunday or Saturday they should be good to go.

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You should realize that Suspensions would not happen if players were to concentrate on playing instead of misbehaving. Yes some suspensions get celebrated because most fans want fair play and not having to worry about their favorite team players getting hurt by those who do that kind of stuff.
I really do not think anyone would prefer suspensions over fair and good competition play.


Just prolonging the agony in a way.

Hopefully all the affected staff and players are well.

Of course the one game I had planned for and booked a room is postponed.
Still going, glad its the same weekend, however would have liked the Sunday game be earlier. Looks like now a 1am return with an early work day.
I might be watching the Riders practice squad out there.

Not really. As far as I know none of them are in hospital.


I am a Argo/Rider fan because of Cody ,I had hoped for a split ,but if Cody plays Argos in trouble. Go Riders

I highly doubt at their age and overall health they wouldve been in hospital regardless.

They were, however, allowed to get on a plane positive for Covid because of our nonsensical travel restrictions

Even on his best day, Cody is a grade B quarterback in this league. BT is a C+ so the Riders could have a chance, but it looks like the 3rd stringer is getting the start on Sunday. Nothing like sitting with my Rider pal and watching his team get pummeled. Looking forward to Sunday

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Riders injury report

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